I love food. I love talking about food. I love cooking food. I love all there is to love about food. To me, food is an art. An art that happens to be delicious and inventive. My goal is to share my dining travels across Sin City as a foodie to fellow foodies. Therefore, I will update every Wednesday with new reviews. 

Here at Sin City Foodie, you'll find Food Reviews for Las Vegas restaurants and Food Trucks, as well as Wines and Craft Beers. As I dine, I do like to vary my choices from week to week. So you'll find reviews anywhere from hole in the wall diners to 5 star eateries. I don't like to discriminate when it comes to food or food genres. I'll try anything twice. 

Another facet of my love for food is that I love recommendations! If you've eaten somewhere awesome and I haven't yet… tell me! If you've found an epic, maybe hard to find, Wine or Craft Beer… let me know where to find it! I enjoy interacting with other foodies and want to be a place you can direct friends and family to when they want to know where to get down on some good grub in the City of Sin!


About me: My name is Daniel Del Pozo and I was born & raised in Las Vegas. My culinary tastes come from a combination of my parents' home cooking and getting the opportunity to travel the country and abroad since I was young. I've eaten amazing meals in Greece, Mexico, Germany, Nassau, St. Martin, St. Thomas, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, L.A., San Antonio, Denver, Lake Tahoe, Kauai, and more. But what I love about Sin City is that it's now a major destination for phenomenal restaurants and food trucks. So, even though I do love to travel, most of the best from elseware, ends up here eventually.

I cook at home about 4-6 times a week, but I always leave days open for eating out and will always make a huge effort to attend any food truck round up as well!

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