Derby Breakfast Club @ Park on Fremont

If I'm drinking before noon, my weapons of choice are Mimosas and Bloody Mary's. On this morn at Park on Fremont, I choose the Derby Breakfast Club. Served in a mason jar, this drink is practically breakfast in a glass. It has some serious strips of bacon in it and an entire pickled, hard boiled egg! Aside from the bacon, my favorite part of this Bloody Mary was that it was spicy, but not hot. I hate when I get served a Bloody Mary that's half Tabasco sauce. The spiciness was perfect and well offset by the egg and bacon. And I believe the whiskey used is also bacon infused! Delicious! I can taste this drink just thinking about it. If you want a legit Bloody Mary, check this one out pronto!

Park on Fremont- Derby Breakfast Club
Rating out
of 10
10 Value

It's so good, it almost doesn't matter what they charge.

10 Flavor

Liquid smoke, bacon infused whiskey, bloody mary mix, bacon, pickled egg?!!? It's out of control good!

8 Fancy Level

Anytime there are strips of bacon sticking out of your glass, you know it ain't a normal drink.

9.3 Overall

A Sin City Foodie favorite!

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