Kumori @ Sushi Samba

I'm all about audaciousness, so if I see a sake cocktail with a cucumber rim, I'm all in. The Kumori is available at Sushi Samba inside the Palazzo and should be ordered by all adventurous convivialists. The Kumori was rich and mine was definitely made strong. It has the cucumber flavors on the forefront with a slight sake kick on the back end with the salt rim balancing it all with each sip. For $12, it really is very good compared to its water-downed counterparts elsewhere on the Strip.

Ingredients: Nigori sake, shochu, gin, muddled cucumbers, nori-salt rim, slice of cucumber.

Rating Description
out of 10
9 Value
Off the Strip it would be like $8, but it is till an excellent drink for the money.
9 Flavor
Very rich and complex with the cucumber and sake flavors having a tug of war in your mouth.
6 Fancy Level
It's a good looking drink, the cucumber rim is definitely different.
A solid cocktail offering.
(out of 10)

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