Cluster Cluck: Fumé Blanc

So, apparently I love ridiculous beer or wine labels. Especially when they have ridiculous names to go along with said labels. That is why I picked up Cluster Cluck: Fumé Blanc from Paso Robles, CA. And the fact that it normally goes for around $10 and I swooped it for $3!

I tried looking up a little history on Cluster Cluck other than what it says on the label and I came up with nothing. All I know is that it was only bottled in 2006 and that it's amazing with chicken. Also, in obtaining this bottle I had to find out what the hell a Fumé Blanc is and found out it's just another name for Sauvignon Blanc. Who knew? 

Overall, the flavor profile of this wine is sweet and almost tropical, yet subtle in its presentation of this to one's tongue. It really got better with each glass for me. It also has a great aroma and is very drinkable with little to no aftertaste. As stated before, I enjoyed this wine with a home made chicken dinner and it paired magically. This is a great bottle for the $10 range of wines, it's just somewhat obscure to find. 

Rating Description
out of 10
9 Value
Even though I found it on sale, it's well worth the $10
8 Flavor
It didn't knock my socks off, but was very good.
9 Drinkability
Very smooth with almost no aftertaste. A very easy drink for anyone.
If I can find it again, I'll get a few bottles.
(out of 10)

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