Doon Buggy: Red Blend 2009

There's something about wine corks that has always amazed me. It's probably my odd obsession of collecting things that are quasi-unique, but I think wine corks have their own character and personalities. So, to my dismay, Doon Buggy has a screw cap... Just like a plastic bottle of hooch, screw caps on wine typically mean what you're about to drink, ain't all that top notch.

Doon Buggy: Red Blend 2009 has now proven this stigma wrong. I enjoyed every sip of this medium bodied Napa Valley blend. The flavor is solid and at 13.5% alcohol content, there's no part of the taste being overpowering or too strong. It has notes of black fruits and a very smooth finish with a hint of an almost meaty quality to it. I tend to stay away from blends for some reason, but this wine has me thinking I'm crazy. It's not overly bold, yet it stands up with most red wines I've tried. The overall flavor profile is a combination of a muted sweetness with a subtle richness often not featured in wines of "value".

I've learned that Doon Buggy is almost a true Sin City wine as that it is only available in CA, NV, and AZ. And they also make a Moscato, so I'm going to have to hunt that down eventually.

It's just pure bang for your buck all the way here. Easy drinkability and a smooth ride the whole way make this a go to pick in the $10ish wine class. I look forward to trying their Moscato and hopefully they make some more types down the road. I agree with the screw cap for this Red Blend, a cork would do nothing but slow me down from getting to the good stuff!

Rating Description
out of 10
10 Value
For around $10, there's a lot of flavor in there.
8 Flavor
I'll be getting this wine again. The flavors of the blend are amazing.
8 Drinkability
It has made me a believer of blends while staying very drinkable. Not bitter in any sense and good to have with some good red meats.
Try it. Now!
(out of 10)

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