Seven Daughters: Rich Red Winemaker's Blend

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I'm a sucker for cool labels/names. Seven Daughters sucked me in with it's bright colors and seemingly cool concept. 

Seven Daughters: Rich Red Winemaker's Blend does an interesting attempt at a Red Blend. They use a mix of seven different type of grapes from this California winery. Sometimes I agree with "The more the merrier", but in this case, it falls flat. 

This is just a typical red wine. It has no distinct aroma and isn't amazing by any sense. It's good, just nothing I'd have again. It is very drinkable, but I wouldn't call it smooth. It is a slight sweet, but overall it's just bland at best. 

Seven Daughters might float your boat if you're looking to diversify your Red Blend ways, but it's not one I'd recommend. 

Rating Description
out of 10
3 Value
For under $15, it's ok, but there's much better out there for less.
2 Flavor
The taste does not live up to the cool name and label.
1 Drinkability
It's drinkable, not that you'd want to.
Seven Dwarfs, yes. Seven Daughters, no.
(out of 10)

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