Sagos' Smoothie

This shot is available at Sagos Baja Tavern & Lounge

This shot is one for anyone. It's doesn't punch you in the face with alcohol, yet it's not completely a fruity drink…Kind of. It smells like Red Kool-Aid and it tastes like Red Kool-Aid. I can see how smoothie got in the name because of the smooth texture and flavor, but it really does scream "Oh Yeah!" when you drink it.

Rating Description
out of 10
6 Value
At $5 it's good, just not great. If you're with a group that doesn't like to take strong shots, this is for you!
9 Flavor
Who doesn't love Red Kool-Aid?
2 Where are my pants?
I could probably have 20 of these and be ok. Unless you're a lightweight, this isn't going to ruin you.
Tasty but not strong enough.
(out of 10)

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