Crooked: Labyrnith

It's amazing the breadth of which that some breweries span. This beer is from Uinta Brewing under their Crooked Line. I've had Crooked Line brews before at a few beer fests, but never Labyrinth. I picked this guy up at a local super market for $13.99. 

Immediately after opening the cork, I smelled the aroma of chocolate and herbs. At the first splash on my toungue of Labyrinth, I then tasted a for sure bittersweet chocolate overtone. This beer is very rich and could be overpowering for some. Also, clocking in at 13.5% alc, one bottle could "do a body good". The finish is finely tuned with a woodsy/oaky taste. 

This is a very dark beer and should be enjoyed with desserts or on it's own. I was glad to be caught in the maze of flavors that Labyrinth has to offer. It's not absolutely stellar, but it does stand out as a solid choice for the right occasion. 

Rating Description
out of 10
9 Value
I'd say for the alc %, the flavor, and the size, it's well priced.
8 Flavor
Simple but flavorful. Good for desserts or alone, it has it's place..
7 Drinkability
This beer is not for your light beer drinker. It is definitely dark and decently complex. Not one to chug.
I'll drink it again on occasion.
(out of 10)

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