Dogfish Head: Palo Santo Marron

This a not a beer for the faint of heart. This is serious.

Anytime I'm checking out the liquor store for new weird beers, I always try to keep up on Dogfish Head's latest offerings. As I strolled by their section, this beer instantly caught my eye. 

For $14 you get four beers. Sounds high, until you look at how it's made and the 12% alcohol content! Dogfish Head always puts a lot of thought and quality into each beer they come up with, and the Palo Santo Marron is definitely no exception.

This beer is unfiltered and fermented inside one of the largest wooden brewing vessels ever made in America. That's intense. But even being unfiltered and having a 12%abv, it is surprisingly not strong. It is very easy to drink and could be enjoyed by someone who isn't a typical craft beer fan. The main overtone of this beverage is vanilla and caramel, in taste and aroma. It is rich with Earthy undertones and has a slight woody finish. This is an amazing beer that I'd say should be enjoyed with a hearty burger or steak and/or used for cooking with red meats and BBQ fare.

If you want a nice departure from usual craft beers, this is a good choice. It's a beer to savor as you drink it. The one thing to remember though, this is not one to take lightly. There may only be four in a pack, but if you get through them all in one sitting, you will be drunk. 

Rating Description
out of 10
9 Value
This is what bang for the buck is all about, rich flavor, awesome aromas, and an alcohol content level that rivels Wines and Spirits.
10 Flavor
Very flavorful, not overpowering, complex yet smooth.
8 Drinkability
It's smooth and not strong, but if you pound these you'll regret it. If you're a lightweight, drink one and enjoy it.
A new favorite!
(out of 10)

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