Goose Island: Pere Jacques 2011 Belgian Style Ale

I am glad I found this beer! Offered up in a plain white label in a 4-pack of 650mL bottles, Goose Island's Pere Jacques 2011 Belgian Style Ale is phenomenal!

As soon as this luscious beer touched my tongue, the first thought in my head was "Delicious!". This beer has the right things going for it. It's strong with an 8% alc, but not "slap you in the face" strong. It actually reminds me of a richer, slightly toned down Pirrat (One of my favorites!). Enjoyed from a wide mouth glass, I really got a caramel overtone that was held up by a healthy head throughout each glass. And talk about smooth! This Belgian Ale is like the Billy D. Williams of beer!

Easy to drink, immaculate flavors and aromas, and really good company to a hearty meal; This beer has the right combination of positives to be a new favorite for me. Go try it now!

Rating out
of 10
9 Value

I forget what I paid for it, but it was worth it!

9 Flavor

Very, very good flavors. I can't wait to try it again!

10 Drinkability

About as smooth as you can get while still holding on to an 8%

9.3 Overall

I'm buying a case, who want's to come?!

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