Innis & Gunn: Irish Whiskey Cask

This craft beer was enjoyed at Sagos Baja Tavern & Lounge.

When I sat down at Sago's I asked the bartender if they had any good werid beers, she immediately got excited and said "Yes! We just got a new one in yesterday!". She brought it out and once my eyes glimpsed the word Cask, I was in.

This beer is Oak Aged in Irish Whiskey Casks for 60 days! Talk about infusing flavor! And at 7.4% alcohol content, it's a nice change from IPAs that normally pack that kind of punch. The other interesting thing about this beer is that even though it is definitely dark in look and aroma, it tastes and feels like a much lighter beer. You can very quickly taste the "caskiness" of it on the back end, but it does have a very smooth texture and nice chocolate aroma to round it out.

The only thing not so great about Innis & Gunn: Irish Whiskey Cask, is the price. At this location, which is 15 miles from the Strip, it's $8.50 a bottle! I will say, it's worth it though. Would I sit there and drink 6 of these? No way. But if I do end up finding it at a liquor store, I'll pick it up in a heartbeat! (Guessing it's probably around $14 for a sixer.)

There's lots of flavor to go round, it's a beer worth savoring as you drink it, and although pricey, it's worth it to try one or two if you happen to be a Sago's.

Rating Description
out of 10
7 Value
At a bar, pricing is a little up there. If found in a liquor store, I'm sure it wont be so rough. But it is worth giving it a go for the $.
10 Flavor
Amazing. It's complex and smooth with all the right things going for it.
8 Drinkability
If you're not a fan of dark beers, this might turn you around. Very drinkable and enjoyable for anyone.
Surprisingly good.
(out of 10)

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