Joseph James: Hop Box Imperial IPA

I know what you're thinking, "Craft beer in a can? That's stupid.". Actually, it's smart. Very smart. A lot more breweries are putting their hard work into can form now a days. Why? Cans don't allow light to affect the carefully crafted suds. Most bottles are dark in color to fight light, but a can is able to completely protect it. Genius.

So, now that we've learned something, let's take a look at Hop Box. Brewed right in Sin City's backyard in Henderson, Hop Box is a truly local beer! It's also a man's beer. For around $7 you get six 12oz cans packing a whopping 9.3% alc each. If you make it through all six, you will be down for the count. This is a beer better enjoyed slow and with care of every taste. Each sip offers a woodsy undertone with a hint of caramel in the mix. It has a very clean texture and doesn't taste as strong as most IPAs tend to. For being so strong it is very drinkable, but once you pass four of these puppies it will sneak up on you quickly. I'd say this beautiful brew is best enjoyed with some good 'ol BBQ or a gourmet pizza. 

This is easily one of my new favorites. Find it and enjoy it. But take your time, it's worth it.

Rating Description
out of 10
10 Value
For $7, you can't find a better sixer.
9 Flavor
It's not really complex, it's just good. Definitely bold overall, but not overbaring.
9 Drinkability
For an IPA, this is very drinkable.
A new go to IPA for me.
(out of 10)

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