KCCO Black Lager


I don’t think I’ve ever waited for a beer to be released as if it were a new Grand Theft Auto. Thanks to TheChive.com, KCCO Black Lager had a following before anyone could even pour it down their gullet! Brewed in-house and then expanded outward to ‘Merica with the help of Red Hook Brewing, KCCO Black Lager was worth the wait!

It took a hot second for this misfit beer to reach Sin City, but there are now two places you can now get it! (E-Mail, Facebook, or Tweet me to find out where!) As soon as I heard this news, I drove immediately to get my first six pack. 

Once in my possession, I quickly dispatched the first bottle and was actually very surprised! I was a tad worried that this beer wouldn’t live up to the hype, but in my discovery, it very well lives up to it and tells it to Chive On! KCCO Black Lager looks the part, but doesn’t really fall into what I would call a black lager. It’s much lighter and smoother than most and has a very easy finish with very little bitterness on the back end. Flavor-wise, I mainly tasted hints of coffee with chocolate undertones with similar aromas to match. I enjoyed mine while eating some spicier foods and it blended well; It helped cool my pallet while still offering a counterbalance of complexity and flavors. This is a black lager that can be enjoyed by enthusiasts as well as those that aren’t as fond of darker beers. I like that I can’t quite put my finger on where this beer really belongs, it helps it be unique and something any respectable craft beer drinker should try.

Rating out
of 10
9 Value

About $9 for a sixer, not bad considering the epic flavor and drinkability.

9 Flavor

It's delicious and fun and could be enjoyed year round. It's not as complex as similarish beers, but still top notch.

10 Drinkability

Light beer drinkers, dark beer drinkers, occasional beer drinkers, I think anyone would enjoy this.

9.3 Overall

Definitely a new favorite, and I can't wait to try their Gold Lager later this year!