Ommegang Abbey Ale

Ommegang Abbey Ale (8.5% alc.) Belgian-style beer made in New York? Ok, worth a try…

Craft beers with corks just feel fancier. I know they're not, but I love hearing that "POP!" from the cork every time! Once I popped the top and poured this bad boy into a properly wide rimmed glass the aroma slapped me in the face. To accompany this aromatic ale is a rich body that is very smooth with a lot of other fine attributes. I'd go as far as saying that this is a delicious and complex beer. The front has a hint of dark fruits with a clean finish and a mildly chocolatey undertone. I'd say that this ale is better than average but not quite the best of the best. It is a beer worth trying if you find it though.

Rating out
of 10
7 Value

750ML for about $13… meh.

9 Flavor

It's almost amazing. It's bold and aromatic, it's just not quite top

6 Drinkability

If you're used to light beers with no flavor, this is not the beer for

7.3 Overall

Albiet delicious, it's just not stellar.

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