Rhinelander Brewing Shore Break IPA

A growing trend in the craft beer world is in the way of cans. Yes, cans seem less "nice" as a bottled beer, but in actuality, the fact that glass allows light in is bad. Most bottles limit the shelf life of good beers and can even change their flavor when faced with sunlight and store lights. Light is the enemy. 

Shore Break caught my eye because if its popping colors and boxed six-pack design. Also, being six 16oz cans helps! For $10, that's pretty tough to beat. This is definitely a lighter than usual IPA in flavor and braun. The light 6.2% alc. makes for a good Summertime beer. It has a smidgin of bite on the back end but overall is decently smooth and refreshing. This is a bang for the buck beer. It's not going to knock your socks off, but if you're socks are already off, just pretend your enjoying this on the beach and it'll be that much better.

Rating out
of 10
10 Value

$10 for six 16oz beers. Not too shabby. And it's good!

6 Flavor

It could be better, but it gets its point across.

8 Drinkability

A hair watery, but otherwise good.

8 Overall

Good for the beach/summertime.

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