Indian Wells Brewing: Spicy Pumpkin Ale

Indian Wells Brewing has an edge over your typicall micro brewery; The water used to make their beers is from the Indian Wells Spring that naturally flows under the brewery. This water is insanely pure and adds a clean taste to anything it's used in. As for their Spicy Pumpkin Ale, that clean taste is also apparent and welcomed.

Fragrant is the first thing that comes to mind about this beer. As soon as you open the bottle you'll instantly catch the aroma of spices captured inside. Given it has spicy in the name I was really looking for a lot of it with some bite, but was a little disappointed. It's much more subdued on the spicy side than I had anticipated. It still has a good dose of brown sugar and pumpkin throughout, it just seems a little lost in it's purpose. This definitely tastes like a good Fall beer, I just wouldn't call it a pumpkin ale. It is smooth and light overall, it just falls victim of complexity taking over purpose. As a pumpkin ale, I'm not a fan, if it were just called a Fall or Winter seasonal, I'd be on board. There's spice, but it's just not "spicy". There's pumpkin, but it's just not "pumpkiny". If I rip off and ignore the label, stand outside in the crisp Fall air, close my eyes and take a sip, this would be a exceptional Fall seasonal.

Rating out
of 10
7 Value

It's a solid beer in the end. It's worth checking out and seeing if
you want to stick with it throughout the season.

8 Flavor

Held up by good spices and flavors, it's no pumpkin beer, but it's
flavors will make you want to enjoy it in front of a fire.

7 Drinkability

Very good and not too assertive. It may be a hair more spice than
most may like.

7.3 Overall

This is a case of a little hit and miss. But the slight misses don't
totally screw it up.

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