Pyramid Barleywine Ale

Ah Pyramid Barleywine Ale… Good to see ye. I don't often come across barley wine beers at the local stores, but when I do, I snatch it up! Barley wine beers rarely dissapoint.

Pyramid's Barleywine Ale is a nice English version of this sweet beer. Sweet? Yes. Fruity Sweet? No. I know that's rare, but tis how it is! The flavors are more on the caramel side of sweet and the aroma shares that same quality. I'd even call it slightly floral as well. The overall flavor is like a muted cherry body with hints of maltiness with a little hoppy bite. This is a beer that's easy to drink and probably best after a hearty meal. This limited edition from Pyramid is already out of production for the year, so if you see it, get it! (I believe it's only in their Fall Varity Pack.)

Rating out
of 10
9 Value

If you can still find it, the Fall Varity Pack is probably on sale.

8 Flavor

Not über complex, but it is tasty!

10 Drinkability

It's tamed swettness makes is smooth and easy to drink.

9 Overall

A Sin City Foodie Favorite!

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