Pyramid Snow Cap

Pyramid- Snow Cap.jpg

Pyramid Snow Cap is one of the best Winter beers I've had this season. It is hard to find now, but if you can, get it!

This beer has a very distinct aroma and taste of roasted chocolate with a hoppy middle and an easy finish. There's a slight hint of a caramel undertone and the overall flavors are fun and tasty! The mouth-feel is very crisp and is a treat when it's freezing outside! Also, weighing in at 7% alc this Winter brew can put you down after a few! 

Once again Pyramid has made another amazing Seasonal offering and I always love to see what's next!

Rating out
of 10
9 Value

Right now you can probably find it on sale, typically in a Pyramid
Winter Seasonal 12-pack.

9 Flavor

Not overly complex, but the deep, rich flavors hold up very well.

7 Drinkability

Maybe a little strong for some with a little bite from the crispness,
otherwise decently drinkable.

8.3 Overall

One of my favorites this Winter Season.

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