Samuel Adams Octoberfest

As one of the more popular seasonal beers, due to the Samuel Adams name, I decided to check out what The Boston Beer Company has to offer in their Octoberfest.

The initial take I got from this beer from first sip was it's just OK. The flavor gets it's point across but just doesn't wow you with any part of it. It is easy to drink, but that's due to it being slightly watery and bland. Each swig I took of this beer made me wanting more in the complexity side of things. It really is like a light beer for the season; Not a lot of flavor, easy to drink, fairly inexpensive, and found in 12 packs. Other than a little spicy bite on the back end, there's nothing to like here. This Octoberfest for me is just unmemorable as whole.

Rating out
of 10
5 Value

It's inexpensive vs. other seasonals, but the flavor is not up to par
with the rest.

3 Flavor

Does it taste like a Fall Seasonal? Yes, is it good enough to drink
all Season? No.

7 Drinkability

Tis easy to drink, not that you'd want to.

5 Overall

Look past the major label and find something better.

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