Shock Top End of the World Midnight Wheat

Brought to my attention by my best friend, Shock Top's Seasonal drink is a fun departure from your typical lot. Their End of the World Midnight Wheat is weird enough to be crafty, but not so much that it would turn the typical beer drinker off.

For the most part, think of this beer as a dark hefe. A dark hefe with complexity to be exact! From first swig you can enjoy a bevy of flavors on your palette. It has a chocolate undertone with a malty body and a nice little kick of chili spice in there to mix it up. You really get the chili on the back end and it leaves you wanting more after each sip. With a good mouth feel and 6% alc., this bad boy is just what the Fall season needs. 

This shouldn't be as hard to find as more obscure breweries, so if you see it, scoop it up immediately and enjoy!

Rating out
of 10
9 Value

No more than $8 most places and it's probably on sale.

10 Flavor

I enjoyed every part of this beer.

8 Drinkability

It's easy to drink, but may be a tad more flavor than casual
drinkers may want.

9 Overall

A Sin City Foodie Favorite!

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