Uinta Punk'N

Uinta beers are brewed in Utah. I don't know how well the Pumpkin growing community is in Utah, but I figured I'd give their Fall Seasonal Ale a go.

Punk'N is a good "starter" pumpkin ale. If you're new to the pumpkin flavored beers, this one is one to begin with. The pumpkin flavor is light and welcomed right off the bat. It is slightly sweet throughout and is gentle and not over the top. The overall pumpkin notes are enough to be different but not enough to be amazing. It's not a memorable beer. It's a good choice if you don't want an in your face pumpkin experience, it just lacks the complexity to be a top notch Fall Seasonal.

Rating out
of 10
4 Value

$10 for a sixer at 4.5% alc… The pumpkin tax is high with this

5 Flavor

It tastes pumpkiny, just not crafty…. does that make sense?

10 Drinkability

Very approachable and a good starting point for noobs to

6.3 Overall

If you want an OMG pumpkin ale experience… look elseware.

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