Squatters: Hop Rising

Brewed out of Utah, this hoppy beer is a solid choice for any good ol' backyard BBQ. Clocking in at 75 IBU's (Beer bitterness from hops rating) and 9% alcohol content, this beer has a lot of flavor. It is pretty smooth despite all that, which is nice, but it is pretty bitter if you're not used to IPAs or overly hoppy beers. Hop Rising has an odd mouth feel, almost like soda water, but not odd enough to not try it. It's actually not as strong as it sounds. This is a great beer to enjoy with grilled goodies if drank responsibly. This is not one to chug, this is one to savor and enjoy. I tried it both cold and at room temperature and actually enjoyed it better warm. Hop Rising is a good beer for IPA lovers, and a great beer if you want to taste the hops in your suds.

Rating Description
out of 10
9 Value
Packs a good punch and isn't too expensive. I swooped it on sale for only $8.99!
8 Flavor
It's solid. It's definitely not my favorite, but I like it enough to reccommend.
7 Drinkability
If you're used to hoppy beers and IPAs, you'll be fine. If you're new to craft beers, I'd work my way up to something like this.
I'll drink it again on occasion.
(out of 10)

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