Underworld Brewing: Double IPA

I must say. Drinking a pint of any beer makes you feel like a man. It's feels right. I prefer to get my craft beer fix 1 pint at a time. Yeah, 12oz bottles are convenient, but a bigger bottle just requires more commitment. Double, nay, quadruple the commitment with my latest choice, because not only is a Double IPA, it also comes in a two pack! 

I'm a sucker for cool labels. When you have three, snarling, demonized hyenas on your label, I'm gonna buy it. Underworld Brewing: Double IPA does something that I have found is hard for IPAs to achieve. Good drinkability. Normally an IPA can punch you in the face with it's flavor and bitterness, but this Double IPA somehow smoothed it out. At 8.5% alcohol content, it still packs a punch, just not on the bitterside. It has a medium body with an almost lemon zest flavor to the hops. With a slightly malty tone and a clean finish, this could make non IPA drinkers give it a look. 

This is no "knock your socks off" beer, but it serves it's purpose well; Have a high alcohol content without seeming like it has a high alcohol content. I could see this beer as a good burger or chicken baster with what it has got to offer. The label brought me in, the flavor kept me going, but in the end, it was nice to try, but not a keeper.

Rating Description
out of 10
8 Value
Two bottles for $5, not bad… Just the overall quality is meh.
7 Flavor
Good flavors. This beer is full of flavor, it's just not mind blowing.
8 Drinkability
For an IPA, very drinkable. Not bitter at all, and a clean finish.
Smooth for an IPA, just not amazing.
(out of 10)

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