Pub 365 Grand Opening

Pub 365 Opening- Sign

Pub 365 is a brand new destination for not only craft beer lovers but also for foodies that enjoy a menu as eclectic as the beer selection. Pub 365’s Grand Opening was held on July 19th and ushered in a welcomed change of pace for a “we have hundreds of beers” type of establishment. Not only are there hundreds of beers to try, there is a tracking system to know what you’ve already guzzled down and you achieve different “milestones” for trying different amounts over time. As well as having quite the hoppy beverage selection, Pub 365 also offers one of the most diverse menus I’ve seen for this style of pub. And not only is the menu diverse, it’s definitely delicious as well! 

Pub 365 is tucked inside of the Tuscany Resort on Flamingo and is a nice option for those that want to go somewhere in the city, but not on the Strip. For the Grand Opening, Pub 365 offered live music from my life long friend and Las Vegas native, Franky Perez, had passed mini versions of some of their menu items, and of course, beer a plenty. The food was excellent and the space is well designed. There is a giant L shaped bar with an accompanying L shaped dining room as you enter, and then off to the right is what looks like a very large space that can work as an extended dining room or closed off for private parties and functions. The pub has a nice feel and energy to it and it feels cool to be there. The staff was very friendly and for being as busy as they were, no one seemed overwhelmed. 

It’s good to see a local spot like Pub 365 pop up and I will be doing a review on their full size menu items in the near future. I hope to see Pub 365 thrive and be a place locals can take their friends for good beers and good grub, off the Strip.

Pub 365 Opening- Main Dining Room
Pub 365 Opening- FrankyPub 365 Opening- Bar

Pub 365 Opening- Private Space
Pub 365 Opening- Carne Asada Station
Pub 365 Opening- Chicken Taco
Pub 365 Opening- Chicken Skewer
Pub 365 Opening- Bean Burger
Pub 365 Opening- Nachos
Pub 365 Opening- Tuna Poke
Pub 365 Opening- Mini Burger
Pub 365 Opening- Beef Tacos
Pub 365 Opening- Zeppoles

The MonteLago Village Beerfest

Hello all! I know I’ve been away, but I’m getting back into the swing of things with a Beerfest/Food Truck event this coming Saturday! I have yet to attend any foodie type festival at Lake Las Vegas, so I am excited and hope to see a great turn out! The booths span the entire village and I’m sure will make for some spectacular views! See you there!

Check out the information below to learn more about it!

If you love beer, grab your friends and come to the MonteLago Village Beerfest at Lake Las Vegas on Saturday, June 11 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Sponsored by the MonteLago Village Association and hosted by the Auld Dubliner Irish Pub, the festival will feature 30 breweries. Attendees also can enjoy village restaurants, five featured food trucks, various vendors and live music from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Advance tickets are $45 for VIP and $35 for general admission, and same-day tickets will be $60 for VIP and $45 for general admission. Participants will receive a wristband and complimentary 7 oz. souvenir sampling glass. VIP ticket holders can begin sampling at 2 p.m. with general admission starting at 3:30 p.m.

The Aston Hotel & Resort, Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa and Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa will be offering special room rates allowing attendees to stay overnight after the event.     

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the nonprofit KUNV 91.5 FM and Vegas PBS.

MonteLago Village is located in Lake Las Vegas at 15 Costa di Lago. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

McFadden’s New Menu!

I got to try out McFadden’s new menu and man is it amazing! Check out my review here

New Year, New Reviews!

Check out my first review of 2015! 

Cantina Laredo Modern Mexican

Summer of 2014 Beer Fests

Well, it definitely was a great Summer! Recently, I haven’t updated for longer than I’d like. I apologize for that and will restart posting new reviews every week. Unfortunately, is not my full time job, albeit that’s the plan eventually, I work a 40 hour a week full time job and DJ part time, as well as run this website. I recently got promoted and have had more DJ gigs than usual and that has taken away a lot of the time I used to dedicate to here. But I am committed to making the proper time for reviews and updates and promise to keep them coming week after week. With that being said, here’s a recap of the best events I attended over the past few months. Please enjoy the slideshow, and click on any photo you’d like to view in full.

8th Annual Lee’s Beer & Tequila Experience: Year after year, this continues to be the staple for all of Las Vegas’ beer fests. Boasting the largest selection of beers and alcoholic beverages, the Lee’s Beer & Tequila Experience is the “can’t miss” beer fest each year. Once again, this year’s event took place at the grand ballroom inside of the Hilton, but with a new layout. This year’s spread was a lot more open and didn’t feel as crammed as in the past. The drink selections were varied as usual and the musical entertainment was once again, top notch. The annoyances that this event has had in the past have been put to rest for the most part, there were plenty of places to get water to drink, and although the food selection still isn’t the best, at least they didn’t run out 45 mins in as they have before. All in all, this is the biggest and best beer fest each and every year. (Slideshow Pics 1-29) 

2014 Bark & Brew at Rumor Boutique Hotel: It’s always nice to have a change of pace, especially with man’s best friend alongside. The Bark & Brew is a dog friendly beer fest that was held in the main courtyard of Rumor Boutique Hotel. The event was quaint, but just the right size for serving its purpose. K9s of all breeds were abound and there were even dog specific booths with home made treats and other items available. The dogs even had their own water dishes with ice in them strewn about the grass. The amount of beers available were limited, but they were still of quality and allowed for 2-3 laps, no pun intended, around the courtyard to try them all. The musical acts consisted of a DJ and live singers on guitars and were both good and not too loud. The weather was perfect and all of the dogs got along. For a nice twist to the typical beer fest, I definitely enjoyed myself at this laid back pooch paradise. (Slideshow Pics 30-52)

Motley Brews' Downtown Beer Festival: Located outdoors at the Clark County Amphitheater was Motley Brews' Downtown Beer Festival. This was a sprawling beer fest with a stage in the middle and booths in the round. There was a great selection of breweries to choose from and amenities like water and outdoor bathrooms were well placed and easily accessible. The event went from day to dusk and had a great look and feel as the sun was setting. All of the bands that performed were solid and the amount of space for people to just hang out was quite amazing. Food was available for purchase by a few food trucks on the outer ring of the festival, and if you popped for the VIP tickets, you got catered goodies and indoor restrooms! From what I saw of the food truck prices, getting the VIP tickets is well worth it if you’re planning on attending next year! (You should be!) This beer fest had one of the best layouts I’ve seen for an event like this and I am excited to attend both of their events next year! (Slideshow Pics 53-74)

Golden Nugget’s 5th Annual Fall Beer Festival: The Golden Nugget events have quickly become some of my favorite ones to attend. They are mostly situated inside of their grand ballroom and are always of top notch quality. This year’s Fall Beer Festival was Octoberfest themed and all of the ladies pouring the brews were dressed up in beer maiden outfits with the food being offered also matching the German heritage. Did I mention food?! Yes! The Golden Nugget events always have the best food! And it’s included in the ticket price, no need to pay $19 for a sandwich like other beer fests! The beers were all American breweries and it was fun trying each one’s Seasonal Octoberfest or Pumpkin brews. The DJ was really good (and I rarely say that), and the overall energy in the room was great. If you haven’t been attending the events here, you definitely need to start, I haven’t been to one that was mediocre. The Golden Nugget is showing the rest how to properly do a beer fest. (Slideshow Pics 75-109)


New review of the 2014 BrewBQ!

LYFE Kitchen Preview

LYFE Kitchen Sign

LYFE Kitchen is grand opening tomorrow, July 9th 2014 at 11am. I attended a preview to check out the new Henderson eatery and was well impressed. LYFE Kitchen has a menu item for everyone; Omnivores, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, etc. Some menu items even come in different varieties depending on your allergy needs or culinary lifestyle. The menu is diverse and also changes with the seasons. 

The restaurant itself is quite modern and has a very open dining room with an open kitchen to boot. The menus are on easy to read LCDs directly in front of the cashiers, a water spout is available with room temp, cold, and seltzer water, and the seating selection is abundant. I counted at least 8 different types of chairs/booths/benches. The countertops and tables are beautiful and the whole place has a nice vibe to it. 

I see LYFE Kitchen as a Fast Casual restaurant with an extremely healthy and allergy conscious overtone. If you’re in the Henderson area, starting tomorrow morning, you can try a new LYFE for the first time.

(Full review to come, please enjoy these pics from my initial visit.)

LYFE Kitchen Preview
LYFE Kitchen Preview- Menu
LYFE Preview- Water
LYFE Kitchen Preview- Kale Banana Smoothie
LYFE Kitchen Preview- Edemame Hummus & Veggies
LYFE Kitchen Preview- Goat Cheese and Mushroom Flatbread
LYFE Kitchen Preview- Chicken and Avocado Sandwich
LYFE Kitchen Preview- Flowers
LYFE Kitchen Preview- Fruit Bowl
LYFE Kitchen Preview- Chocolate Dessert

Busy, busy, busy!

I’ve been busy like never before. I’m doing my best to keep reviews coming each week, and I know I’ve done a lot of event reviews lately, but I do have quite a few Restaurant and Beer reviews right around the bend.

This week’s review is of the UNLVino’s 40th Anniversary Grand Tasting

Upcoming reviews:


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The BrewBQ Beer Fest

Fresh Squeeze IPA

An event the day before my wedding!

That’s right, I actually squeezed in attending a Foodie event the day before my wedding! And I actually went to the UNLVino Grand Tasting the day after the wedding! That review will come next week, for this week I reviewed the

2nd Annual UNLVino BARbq

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Newly Married Sin City Foodie!

Hello again! I’ve been away for a few weeks to get married and go on our honeymoon, but I’m back now and will finally have more time to dedicate to! 

So, right off the bat, here’s my event review for the Golden Nugget Spring Wine Fest Grand Tasting 2014.