7th Annual Lee's Beer & Tequila Experience

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Thank you again to Kenny Lee and Lee's Discount Liquor for giving me the opportunity to attend and review another one of their events! I had a great time at this year's Beer & Tequila Experience and got to try quite a few new beers and met some amazing people. The event was laid out the same as previous years and had a good flow to it. I'm pretty sure the band was different this year, but they were still good and played some good songs. Once again the LVH ballroom was filled to the brim but it was still quite easy to get to the beers. The only real lines that formed were for the food (mini sandwiches, veggies, etc.) and for the bathrooms. The event as a whole went along smoothly and was a joy to be at!

Please read further to check out the beers I tried. (And of course some pics of some booth babes.)

Lee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- Magic Hat Elderberry WeissLee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- Genesee Cream Ale

The Genesee Cream Ale was the first beer I had and the first disappointing beer I had. It wasn't all that creamy, and kind of tasted like PBR… A real shame, I love cream beers. As a huge fan of Magic Hat #9 I was excited to try their new Summer Seasonal: Elderberry Weiss. With a grape undertone and nice orange zest finish, this is a phenomenal Summer brew. I can't wait to have a few of these while relaxing by the pool!

Lee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- MOA Imperial Stout Lee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- Gouden Carolus

Cuvée van de Keizer Blauw. Say that 1 time fast! Brewed by Gourden Carolus in Belgium, this is a fantastic beer. Clocking in also at 11% alv.! This beer has almost a wine palette to it. It's dark and complex while maintaining an impossible smoothness. With the ability to be aged up to 10 years at home, I wouldn't mind having a few of these around for "emergency"  craft beer situations. This was hands down my favorite beer of the event!

Last year I was I had the treat of trying MOA's Breakfast Beer. This time 'round I opted for their Imperial Stout. With a nicely smokey middle tone and very nice finish, this is a very well put together beer.

As a longtime fan of Dogfish Head, I was happy to see a new horse in their year-round stable. The Sixty-One is a sort of remix of the their Sixty Minute IPA. It's a very hoppy beer that is actually a beer/wine hybrid. When poured the color is actually more like a rosé than a beer. It definitely has a calmer, more approachable taste than the other Dogfish Head offerings and is also very smooth overall. I'm glad to see the gears in the minds at Dogfish Head never stop working on new ideas!

Lee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- HOPThermia Lee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- HYVE

A new offering by Uinta was HYVE an Organic Honey Ale. I've typically liked Uinta's other offerings, but unfortunately their honey ale fell flat for me. It has a little honey flavor on the back end, but it all mainly tastes like the waxy honey comb more than the gooey golden goodness that it should embody. Maybe I had my hopes too high?

From Alaskan Brewing Co. I had their HOP Thermia Double IPA. Although it has hop and IPA in the name it actually wasn't too hoppy. This is a very easy to drink IPA that also has a nice little tang to it on the initial taste. I'll have to find this one out in the wilderness to try more and do a full review.

One of the few Chocolate Stouts at the event, I gave Fort Collins Brewery's a go. The box says creamy, but to me it was a tad watery, but other than that it does have a robust coco profile and is matched by an excellent aroma. Good, not great.

Lee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- Summer Solstice Lee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- Wailua Wheat Lee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- Kona Big Wave Lee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- Banzai Bunny Blueberry

Summer Solstice by Anderson Valley Brewing was a nice take on a Summer Seasonal. It had a decent vanilla and chocolate overtone and was nice to drink. There's better out there but it ain't too bad if you find it!

Kona Fire Rock is one of my favorite beers, so I was elated to see a new offering from them. The Kona Wailua Wheat is a nice take on a wheat beer and from the first swig I felt like I was on the beach. Another refreshing beer to look out for!

The Big Wave by Kona on the other hand… meh. It was light and easy to drink but didn't amaze me in any way.

I've been dying to try Banzai Bunny again! I tried their Natural and Yuzu flavors at a previous event and now got to try their Blue Berry. As a Sparkling Sake, this is definitely a fun drink and is delicious to boot. This one is a little sweeter than the others but is still damn good. If you see any of these flavors, you have to try them! I guarantee you'll love it!

With an insane name like Barking Squirrel Lager, I had to try what Hop City Brewing Co. was shelling out. This beer is mildly malty with an easy finish. I only had a quick taste so I'll be looking out for this one to review as well.

Rio Grande Brewing Co. Pancho Verde Chile-Cerveza. I'm surprised they fit the whole thing on the box! I'm a fan of chile beers and this one was quite good. As soon as I had it I wished I had some carne asada near by! This is a fun beer and a winner for me in the chile beer category. 

Lee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- Me and Booth girlLee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- Me and PBR girl
Lee's 7th Annual Beer & Tequila Experience- Us and Hornitos Girl
Rating out
of 10
8 Location

It's still a decent walk to get to the LVH main ballroom from the parking lot. But the size of the room is very accomodating to the event.

10 Beer Selection

There aren't many beer fests that have 300+ beers to try!

10 Price

Honestly, if you Groupon it or pay full price, it's a steal for the amount of beer, tequila, and fun you'll have.

8 Entertainment

The band this year was pretty solid.

9 Overall

If you haven't been, you need to go! This is one of the best beer events each year!