BrewBQ 2014

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The BrewBQ at Ellis Island was a good time packed into a small parking lot. Barcelona Entertainment has done a few Beer Fests at this location in the past and this one was no different. A handful of beer stations, an auction table in the middle, and food available to purchase. This time, the food was a little above average because it was some good ol’ BBQ ribs and chicken. There was also a small stage where some live acts performed, and towards the tail end of the night, a hot wing eating contest was held. All in all, it was a good time, albeit a small venue, it still worked for the most part.

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Rating out
of 10
8 Location

With a backside view of the Strip and High Roller, it definitely is pretty. It's just not 100% ideal.

5 Beer Selection

There may have been a total of 6 booths. So after 20 mins, you'd already have done a lap.

6 Price

For the size of the venue, beer selection, and the fact that food was not included, it may have been a little steep, but if you loaded up on suds, it'd make it worth while.

8 Entertainment

I enjoyed the live music vs. the typical DJ they have at this venue.

6.75 Overall

It was quaint, fun, and luckily held on a beautiful night.

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