Motley Brews Great Vegas Festival of Beer 2012

I found out about this beer fest accidentally last year. I just happened to go to Tivoli Village with my girlfriend and we stumbled upon the beer fest. We didn't go in  to the event because it was definitely not in the plans for the day, but I did make it a mission to go this year and thanks to the kind folks at Motley Brews, a friend and I were able to attend this time 'round!

Held at the brand new Tivoli Village in Summerlin, the Motley Brews Great Vegas Festival of Beer instantly is more charming than most beer fests because of its location; The outdoor setting, live band, and overall layout and look sets it apart by using Tivoli Village's already stunning design. 

In comparison to size on the other hand, this is a small event. Both a good and bad thing to me. The good thing is it's easy to navigate and lines tended to not be too long. As well as, most of the vendor booths were maned (or womaned) by people that actually had some kind of affiliation with the beer brands. A lot of beer fests hire pretty faces to pour, which is nice, but they know nothing about the beers. The bad thing is we were able to go to every vendor within 30mins or so. We ended up doing a full three laps just retrying beers we liked. 

As for the beers, we had a lot. As far as reviewing the beers… I kind of failed. My intention was to take notes on each beer as we went, but…that did not occur. I do remember a few of my favorites though: Innis & Gunn Summer brew and Irish Whiskey Cask, Dogfishhead Aprihops, Wasatch Beers Devastator, Deschutes Mirror Pond, and a few others.(Luckily though, I did get to retry and actually write notes on most of the beers when I went to the Lee's Beer & Tequila Experience the following week, so look for that update soon and reviews on over 25 craft beers!)

The only thing I didn't fully understand at this event was the food situation. I've been to quite a few wine and beer tastings in the past two years, and I'd say all of them provided some kind of food for the guests. This was not the case here. There was food provided for VIP wristband holders, but not for the other 95% of attendees. There were food stations from different restaurants strewn about, but they all were charging, and charging like a boss: $7 for a hot dog, c'mon. 

Other than that, the entire event was well put together, it ended up being very crowded, yet still maintained a good flow to the process of going from booth to booth. The weather was extremely nice that day too. I'm excited to see how the Motley Brews Great Vegas Festival of Beer 2013 stacks up next year! I think they have good thing going and it can do nothing but expand and be better as the years progress.

Rating Description
out of 10
9 Location
Amazing. Although the parking in the dirt thing might turn some off, I did the smart thing and got a ride to and from.
7 Beer Selection
A decent amount of beers to try, just not as large as some other events.
7 The Price
$40+ for entrance. VIP gets food.
9 Entertainment
Live band was good. Quality songs and presentation.
I had a good time, the weather was perfect for an outdoor event, and the beers were great for the most part.
(out of 10)

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