Sin City Beer Festival 2012 at Rumor

The Sin City Beer Festvial at Rumor Boutique Hotel was a good time. It was a small event but what it lacked in size it made up for in quality of vendors and atmosphere. The only real missteps were the lack of any resemblence of water, no provided food (I would have been happy with toast or something!), and the DJ was absolutely horrible. Those things aside, the beers offered and the people pouring were all pretty great. The ability to get poured and enjoy a full pint of beer instead of a sample was pretty nice too. I hope the next time they do this event that it maintains it's petite size with a few upgrades. Check out the video above for the on site review.

Rating out
of 10
10 Location

Rumor is off the strip with a great night time look. Other than planes flying overhead periodically, it was very nice.

7 Beer Selection

The selection was small but the quality was good. A few more vendors could have been good.

6 Price

Compared to other beer fests the price was a little high, especially with no food or water provided.

6 Entertainment

The DJ was horrendous but the girls from Fantasy did sing a song or two to add a little spice to things.

7.3 Overall

For a first time event, it was pretty good. A few small changes could make it epic, let's see next year!