Sin City Beer Festival 2013 at Bagatelle

First, I'd like to thank Alan Semsar (@AlanSemsar) and Barcelona Entertainment (@BCLONA) for allowing me to attend and review this event.

As I attended the Sin City Beer Festival last year at Rumor, I have been anticipating its return in 2013. This year's event was at Bagatelle Beach. Originally scheduled for a 6pm-10pm event, it was cut quite short around 7:30pm due to a massive monsoon and rain downpour. Although I enjoyed myself for the time I was there, I really wish I had more time to talk to the brewers and get more photos/video. I think Barcelona did a good job on upping the quality of their event this year compared to last year's, but you just can't control mother nature! 

Bagatelle Beach worked as a venue for the beerfest for the most part. I liked that the breweries got to hole up inside of cabanas and the overall flow was kept pretty fluid. Having a large crowd of "adults" drinking around a pool is always sketchy but thankfully no one had time enough to fall in (or be thrown in). The beer selection was elevated this year, but there was still a lack of water. Just one sponsored water booth would be great. Coco water is close, but not H2O. There was food available to purchase, but none provided for the (non-Groupon) price of $85. 

Overall, the venue was nice to be in, flowed well, and held the crowd without feeling too crowded. The music from the DJ was way too loud and didn't allow good conversations with the people pouring/brewmasters though. I think this is a huge deal, we're not there for a day club, we're there to enjoy craft beers and find out more about the ones we like. The Sin City Beer Festival 2013 was well conceived and if the weather didn't effect the outcome, I'm sure it would have wound up being stellar.

The Sin City Beer Festival is doing a follow up event at Ellis Island on August 24th and hopefully the weather agrees with this location.

Please watch the video below to witness my brief time at the Bagatelle event and watch until the end to experience the beginning of the monsoon!

Rating out
of 10
10 Location

Parking was abundant. The Trop is pretty easy to find for most. And the scenery was quite nice for the most part.

8 Beer Selection

There are larger beerfests around, but for a small venue, they packed it as well as they could.

6 Price

There are wine and alcohol events I go to that aren't even $85 a ticket. If you ended up with a Groupon ticket for $25 it was worth it, but $85 is quite steep.

6 Entertainment

There was a DJ… But 1. He was pretty bad at mixing, 2. The music was way too loud.

7.5 Overall

This beerfest was unfortunately cut short by mother nature. That may have put a damper on a few things, but it was good to see some improvements from the year prior. With a few small tweaks, this could be a genuine staple in Sin City craft beer enthusiast's eyes.

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