Springs Preserve Brews & Blues Festival 2013

Brews & Blues 2013- Glass

One thing that I have always loved about Las Vegas is it's ability to make me feel like I'm not here sometimes. I've been to Springs Preserve prior to the Brews & Blues Festival, but this beer fest really helped to show off the size of the Preserve and how much there really is to see. 

The beer fest stretched across the entire facility. The booths were quite spread out and it was almost like a scavenger hunt finding them, but that was part of the fun. "Let's walk down this path and see where it takes us." Turn the corner and then four more breweries appear! The spread out festival helped the event seem less crowded even though there were a couple thousand people there. And once we walked to the very end of the beautiful, scenic, preserve, there was good ol' Cycle Pub to help usher us back to the main area. 

Brews & Blues 2013- 3

In the main lawn/stage there were more booths surrounding and bands playing on stage. The music was pumped throughout the festival so no matter where you were, you never missed any of the down home Blues being played. And all of the bands were outstanding.

Brews & Blues- 1

The only real thing that I wasn't a fan of at this event was the way most of the booths were set up. They were mostly narrow single file lines, and once up to the table, very little time/space to converse with the pourers/brewmasters. Obviously that's more of an issue for what I do vs. the average Joe, but I'm sure there's plenty out there that would love to chat up the people pouring the suds, and it just wasn't all that easy to do. 

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Brews & Blues 2013- 2

Aside from that, the festival was greatly put on. There was shade where necessary, food was available to purchase in multiple locations, and the fun of walking and drinking through the picturesque landscapes never got old. I know they do the Grapes & Hops every year here as well and I'd like to see how that lays out, for I believe there would be a smaller crowd overall. 

The Springs Preserve Brews & Blues Festival 2013 was a great time. I took my fiancée who doesn't even really drink beer and she enjoyed herself and even found a few Summer brews she liked. Once we did our rounds we settled on the main lawn and just soaked in the Blues while enjoying some brews. Truly a phenomenal way to spend a Summer day in Sin City.

Brews & Blues 2013- Band
Brews & Blues 2013- Us
Brews & Blues 2013- Me
Rating out
of 10
10 Location

Plenty of parking, right off the freeway, and it couldn't be more beautful to be in.

7 Beer Selection

Not an abundance of breweries but for what was there, they had very nice selecitons.

9 Price

$35 is kind of the going price for most beer fests now a days, so I'd say it was a good deal for beer, music, and scenery.

10 Entertainment

All of the bands were great and the fact they piped the music to all ends of the place was quite impressive.

9 Overall

To add a little spice compared to most beer fests in Las Vegas, this is one you need to go to and make sure you take lots of pictures!


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