The Tod Burger Challenge I (June 2012)

Meat the Tod Burger. Yes I said Meat. Over 1 pound of meat actually. The Tod Burger Challenge is a standing food challenge offered by Erin's the Grill Next Door located inside of O'Aces Bar & Grill on Cheyenne and Rainbow. The challange has been around for about 5 years and only one person has every completed it… you guessed it, Tod. Now I met Tod for the first time the night we attempted the challange and he is more than two of me. Seriously, 330lbs and 6'4". He said it took him 10 attempts before beating the challange the first time! First time? Yes, Tod had completed this challange 4 times total. And in 5 years, no one has taken his crown. That needs to change!
The Tod Burger Challenge is simple: Eat the burger in under 2 mintues. The problem is the burger is 1 pound of beef, 6 strips of crispy bacon, 4 slices of cheese, ranch, and two buns. Not an easy feat. I've done food challenges before, but they've typically been endurance, this one is all about speed.

We will be attempting it again on July 26th at 7pm! Please join us to watch or participate! Contact me for more details or questions at

Five of us attempted the challenge with Tod looking on. I apologize for my "photographer" and "videographer". They didn't capture all five of us. The next time I'll have better pictures and video.

Here's the pictures, in order, throughout the 2 minutes. And the full video after all of the pictures.

My plate below. I got down to a patty and a half!