1st Annual UNLVino BARbq

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the 1st Annual UNLVino BARbq event at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. I did the entire review via video this time around. Please let me know what you think with YouTube comments and Likes! Thanks for watching!

Rating out
of 10
10 Location

Absolutley beautiful and different. I loved it.

10 Food Selection

The selection was diverse and well represented. No complaints here!

8 Price

Just as costly as any of the other UNLVino events, but if you go to just one, it should be this or the Grand Tasting.

7 Entertainment

The band was good, but not outstanding. And whilst walking around the rest of the event it was just top 40 music playing.

8.75 Overall

For the first time, this event was outstanding. A few tweaks here and there and it can be epic in years to come.


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