2nd Annual UNLVino BARbq

The day before my wedding, and I was still at it! This time, attending the 2nd Annual UNLVino BARbq. Now, I attended and reviewed last year’s event and was quite impressed; But this sophomore effort could have benefited by using more of what worked so well the previous time ‘round. 

This year’s BARbq was held at Caesar’s Garden of the Gods Pool. The scenery and lighting was gorgeous, the pool was decked out with floating “Cocktail Balls”, and the layout had an overall good flow to it. The vendors were all very well represented and the mix of attendees was diverse and energetic. There were drinks aplenty and a wide variety as well. So, as a whole, this was a very beautiful, well put together, fun event… But, it was not even remotely similar to the previous year. The 1st Annual kick off of the BARbq had a soul to it. It showcased many restaurants, farm fresh ingredients, and even local organic growers! The 2nd Annual BARbq had none of that. There were about four “Food” booths and fourteen mixology booths. The previous year had a much more even mix of the two, with a multitude of restaurants and such to choose from. There was a definite switch of emphasis from the bq part and more on the BAR portion. 

Now, don’t get my thoughts confused; I liked this event, it was great! But comparing it to it’s predecessor, it was not the same. I liked the BARbq last year because it was something different and actually held a candle to a massive event like the Epicurean Affair, but the second shot at it just lacked a personality. Obviously this event is in it’s infancy, so I have high hopes for the future ones, I just hope it goes back to its roots and really “wows” again.

BARbq 2014- Pool
BARbq 2014- Hibiscus Drink
BARbq 2014- Pineapple Drink
BARbq 2014- Lamb Chops cooking
BARbq 2014- Lamb Chop
BARbq 2014- Stoli Drinks
BARbq 2014- Beef Crudite
BARbq 2014- Hey Reb
BARbq 2014- Shaking
BARbq 2014- Roman
Rating out
of 10
9 Location

Other than having to walk a mile from the parking garage to get there, the pool and surrounding area was beautiful.

4 Food Selection

The selection this year was lacking. The food was good, just not enough of it.

8 Price

Just as costly as any of the other UNLVino events, but if you go to just one, it should be this or the Grand Tasting.

9 Entertainment

The music was good, I believe it was the UNLV Jazz band mostly, and they were stellar.

7.5 Overall

The second time 'round felt differnt. I don't know if the idea is to change the theme evey year or what, but they need to re-look at what made the first year so special.

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