Day One: Bacon and Sandwich Championships

The World Food Championships kicked off today and I was there to cover as much as I could. The Competition is spread out between Mid Fremont Street and Fremont Street East. I focused mainly on the Bacon and Sandwich competitions occuring Mid Fremont Street. 

The bacon competition was first in the day with a signature dish challenge and then a casserole challenge. The bacon competitors were all fired up and it was interesting to see everyone’s different techniques for perfecting their bacon dishes. The smell of that are was intoxicating! Bacon everywhere and every which-way!

The sandwich competition was next and the competitors were noticeably less energetic as the bacon ones, but they still put out some amazing looking sandwiches, rolls, and wraps.

I took a lot of pictures and video for this event and can’t fit it all on here. My video recap will come in a week or so, but please check out my photos from today’s two competitions by clicking the link below.

World Food Championships 2013: Day One, Bacon and Sandwiches (191 photos)

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