Bangkok 9: Thai-Chinese Restaurant (Rainbow Location)

舌頭可以描繪出肉眼無法看到。"The tongue can paint what the eye can't see."-Chinese Proverb. 

On a recent trip to Bangkok 9: Thai-Chinese Restaurant our tongues painted for us the source of the texture and flavor that our eyes couldn't see…the microwave in the kitchen that nuked our meals...

Tragedy is a nice word to describe our experience at Bangkok 9 (I really hope there aren't 8 other ones!). When we got there, there were two large groups of about 10 people each and most of the booths were full with patrons. A busy dining room normally is a good indicator of quality food and repeat business. This was not the case here. There was one server. One. She definitely tried to accommodate the entire dining room, but many things were caught in the wake of spinning too many plates. Mainly our time and the feel of the place. She had zero personality when we did see her at our table, but that was a rare occurance. It took about 15 minutes before we were even asked to order. Once we ordered, our food came out within 5 minutes. That scared me because I know that normally means Chef Mike is involved somehow, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt before eating my meal.

I had the Pad Thai Noodles. I love noodles of all kinds and Pad Thai has always been one of my favorites. These Pad Thai Noodles had stir-fry chicken and shrimp with egg, green onions, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and Thai seasoning. At first glance, I could see my noodles were a little more shiny than I'd like, and that's normally an unfortunate sign of being microwaved. And after my first bite it was confirmed, Chef Mike had stricken! The entire dish seemed very uninspired; The chicken and shrimp were tasteless, the noodles were rubbery and sticky, and all of the greenery was wilted and sad. It's a pretty remarkable feat to make shrimp tasteless, no less chicken. The only good thing on the entire plate was the crushed peanuts! Probably because it seems dielectric heating does not effect their kind. And the Thai seasoning "sauce" was just a watery pool at the bottom of the plate. It was as if I was eating day old leftovers that had be reheated twice.

My girlfriend got the Curry Fried Rice which entailed stir-fried chicken, egg, tomatoes, onions, and scallions. Her dish at least had some flavor to it, but if you dump enough curry powder on anything it's going to have some sort of flavoring to it. And that was the only flavor we could taste, curry. This was a one note dish. The chicken was the same as my order and was absolutely void of any taste. Really a shame.

Other than reheated, horrible food, and terrible service, "What else could be bad about this place?" you may ask. I'll tell you, the water. Yes, they found a way to screw up water. Our two glasses of water shared probably an entire half a lemon. The wedge was so big, and served already inside the glass, that it tasted like watered down lemonade. "Why didn't you ask for a new glass with no lemon?" you may inquire, answer: it took 15 minutes just to get this glass, I didn't feel like dying from old age in this place. It also took 15 minutes after we were done eating to even be acknowledged to take our plates away and then another 10 minutes to get our bill. On top of all that, the place was filthy; The front windows were streaked of dirt, the large fish tank you encounter as you first walk in was filthy, and the carpet was pretty bad as well. 

I would almost put all the aside if the food was amazing. Trendy hole in the wall Chinese places are awesome. Unfortunately for Bangkok 9, they are just a tragic bore in a strip mall.

Rating Description
out of 10
4 Location
Located in a strip mall with lots of speedbumps and nothing else near it other than Pier 1.
4 The Décor
Laughable at best. A few Asian pictures on the wall and the filthy fish tank. There was a TV propped up above the entrance that seemed like it was there for the staff to enjoy.
6 The Prices
Our dishes were $8 each, for the portion size, not bad, for the horribleness of the plates, not good.
5 The Drinks
The usual Boba, Teas, and sodas. They showed they served beer up at the hostess counter, but there was no beer on the menu.
0 The Food
Just terrible. There's no excuse for microwaving food.
Stay clear of Bangkok 9.
(out of 10)

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