Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill

Being a restaurant inside of the Cosmopolitan has got to be stressful. Everything in the Cosmo is opulent and of quality; And their residing restaurants mostly match that level. Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill holds up well next to its Cosmo brethren despite some very minor issues.

My first impression after walking in Blue Ribbon was that it was quite small and the bar for alcohol was twice as large as the bar for sushi… I don’t really know what to think of that. But, the room had a good flow and vibe to it, the music was at a perfect level to be there but not overtake conversations, and the service was pretty good. My only issue was that the waitstaff had zero personality. We were a lively table of 6 twenty/thirty somethings for a birthday and the waitstaff could’ve cared less if we were all retired on social security. So, overall a good feel, just could use some tweaks to round out the experience.

Since we were at Blue Ribbon for a friend’s birthday I ordered a little differently than I normally would when out for sushi/Japanese. Instead of quantity, I went for quality.

I started my meal with their take on Miso Soup. I say "their take" because it was served a little differently than I’m used to. I was served Miso… and soup. Interesting, to say the least, but the gimmick presented better than it executed. The concept is purely that you mix your own miso soup. I spooned the miso into the broth and began mixing. What I ended up with was a very cloudy and veggie heavy miso soup. The taste was ok, but nowhere near outstanding. It was also served just above warm. I typically expect miso soup to be served at a decently hot temperature, and this just wasn’t quite there. I was a little a disappointed, with such a pretty presentation, the flavors and end product just didn’t equal up to a satisfying bowl for me.

Blue Ribbon Sushi- Miso Soup

My fiancé and I shared the Fried Chicken. Fried Chicken at a Sushi bar?! I know, right? Prior to venturing to Blue Ribbon, all anyone could tell me about was the chicken: “You have to try the Fried Chicken!” “It’ll change your life!” Well, we’ll see about that. Once again, the presentation was very pretty and the chicken looked amazing.  The chicken is breaded with a wasabi/honey mix and comes with a Asian Chili dipping sauce of the same concoction. The chicken itself was very tender and the cook on it was perfect. The breading was light and crispy and had an amazing aroma about it. The sauce on the side was almost a show stealer, I couldn’t stop dipping the chicken in it. The portion size was also pretty substantial (I’d hope so for $26!). So at the end of it, was it Earth shatteringly good? No. Is it a very different take and taste for fried chicken? Definitely. I would categorize it as different and good, but not life changing good. Is it worth trying for the price? Like I said at the beginning, go big or go home, it’s worth trying and seeing for yourself if it really is “that good”.

Blue Ribbon Sushi- Fried Chicken

Now for the Pièce de résistance! The Blue Ribbon Roll. Lets start here this roll is $30. Let that marinate for a sec OK, good? Here we go. The Blue Ribbon Roll consists of 1/2 of a lobster, shiso (cousin of mint leaf), and black caviar. And, although it doesn’t state it on the menu, I believe there to be some other fish egg inside as well. I’ve had a lot of sushi in my life, stuffed with every possible filler, one even with gold on it, but combining black caviar and lobster in one bite is a first for me. They did not specify which variety of black caviar this was, but I’d have to assume it’s the more pedestrian type given the cost of the roll and the amount used on the sushi. Aside from that, this is one hell of a roll. It’s beauty is really in its simplicity. The lobster is sweet and succulent and each roll is absolutely stuffed with the tasty meat. The caviar was literally like icing on the cake, it added a beautiful depth to the simple bites and added a great rich contrast in flavor to the sweet crustacean. And the addition of claw meat was a very welcomed touch. This roll is now in my memory as one of the best I’ve ever had. Who cares how much it costs when it tastes so good! If you go to Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill, do yourself a favor and order this roll.

Blue Ribbon Sushi- Blue Ribbon Roll

My meal really was a good, better, best scenario. As a whole, the food was good and I’d like to try more. From what I can tell, they excel in the sushi department, but  there are a lot of other very tempting options I still need to try. I’m glad I finally tried them out and am looking forward to sampling more and more of their dishes over time.

Rating out
of 10
7 Location

Technically it's pretty equidistant from every single person in Las Vegas, so that helps. Otherwise, it's obviously a destination being inside of a resort on the Strip.

9 The Décor

Refined and simple.

7 The Prices

There are definitely some pricey menu items, but if you don't go too crazy it's moderately priced for where it's located.

N/A The Drinks

They have a full bar, we did not partake on this particular journey.

8 The Food

It wasn't all perfect, but the sushi and the exoticness of the fried chicken kept it fun.

7.75 Overall

There are a lot of options for quality sushi on the Strip, Blue Ribbon is definitely one of the better ones.

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