Chop Chop Wok

There really is nothing like a good ol' strip mall Chinese joint. Chop Chop Wok is a very unassuming place smack dab in the middle of the strip mall on the North West side of Cheyenne and Rainbow. Surrounded by terrible restaurant chains, Chop Chop Wok is a diamond in the rough. The décor is bland and nothing special, the service is decent and speedy, but the one thing that shines brightest is the food. (And the fact that 95% of the menu is under $10!)

Miso Soup FTW! Miso soup is simple, yet easy to screw up; Bad miso soups are watery and tasteless or overly salty and pungent. This bowl of deliciousness was right down the middle with a great balance of flavor and texture with the perfect amount of saltiness. Also a bonus for me was that it was served to me hot but not boiling hot. I hate waiting for soup to cool!

Chop Chop Wok- Miso Soup.jpg

My girlfriend ordered a "small" Chicken Lo Mein, but when it came to the table we realized we could definitely share it. The small order had to be a pound of chicken and noodles. As you can see, the noodles looked and were amazing. They were a little greasy, perfectly cooked, and were full of flavor. The chicken was very tender and also had great seasoning and sauces soaked into it. These noodles were legit! Just looking at the picture makes me want it again!

Chop Chop Wok- Chicken Lo Mein.jpg

I was pretty hungry on this outing so I also ordered a sampler platter that contained a California Roll, Tempura Shrimp, and Tempura Broccoli. This odd mash up of items was a little hit and miss. The sushi actually wasn't all that bad, it was nothing award winning, but better than expected. The Tempura Shrimp were very good, mainly because of the tempura batter. The shrimp were kind of small but the batter was light, crunchy, and added good flavoring to the shrimpy shrimps. The Tempura Broccoli were different… They were kind of bland on their own, but really good when dipped into soy sauce. The soy sauce added the right amount of saltiness and body that the broccoli needed to be better.

Chop Chop Wok- Sampler.jpg

For the grand finale I had the Deluxe Broiled Eel Combo. I always get eel when I can and this was one of the best preparations I've had. I know it doesn't look like much, but that slab of Anguilliforme was downright fantastic! The eel was very, very soft and melted in my mouth with each bite. The sauce it was drenched in was rich with a subtle smokiness and was also great with the rice it sat atop of. This is a dish I will go back specifically for. It was that good!

Chop Chop Wok- Eel.jpg

Chop Chop Wok is a hole in the wall worth trying if you're on the NW side of town. So far, it's the best Chinese cuisine I've had on this side of the city. 

Rating out
of 10
9 Location

Right off the freeway, it's easy to park, and easy to find.

5 The Décor

Meh. Don't look at the walls, look at your food!

10 The Prices

I think our total meal price was like $26. That's pretty tough
to beat.

N/A The Drinks


9 The Food

The food was solid, cooked to order, and had some amazing

8.25 Overall

This is my new Chinese "go to" for NW Sin City.

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