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Firstly, I'd like to thank General Manager Connie Chin for her hospitality and graciousness. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Fin is tucked away in a corner of the Mirage's forever busy casino floor. The entrance is very unassuming and subtle, yet refined with simplicity. Upon entering I felt as if I was walking into a very well decorated house in China. The walls are covered in simple designs that look like mountain ranges and clouds. From the ceiling hung strands of glass balls that add a nice flow to the room. Sheer materials are used to enclose two private dining rooms and the rest of the main room has a mixture of small tables, large family tables, and a few booths. We were sat in a (very comfortable) booth that allowed us to be able to view the entire dining room as we ate. I hadn't even eaten anything yet and was already very impressed.

For our dining experience we went with a tasting so I could try the most amount of dishes as possible. Our first dish entailed three appetizers.

Fin- Spring Roll

First was the Spring Roll (Vegetable Egg Roll). These rolls were a great starter to our meal. They had a great crunch to them and the ingredients were very fresh and the rolls were served at a perfect temperature. They are small in size but big in flavor.

Fin- Pork Potsticker

Second was the Pork Potstickers (Pan-Fried Pork Potstickers). I love potstickers and these are some of the best I've had. They were absolutely filled to the brim with pork and were very tender and flavorful all around. The wrapper was cooked perfectly and I liked that each bite had a little bit of spice on the front end. I could eat these all day long. 

Third was the Crisp Shiitake Mushrooms. Whether you're a fan of mushrooms or not, you must try these! They taste more like meat than mushrooms. They're coated in a sweet vinegar glaze and are stunning. These really took me by surprise and I've never had mushrooms taste like that. This is the type of dish I'll keep thinking about anytime I have shiitake mushrooms in the future. The bar has been set.

After our little starters we tried a few entrées. The first of these was the Crab with Asparagus. This isn't on the menu yet, but will be soon, and when it is, get it! The crab was so light and delicious it was like I was eating a cloud. The crab had an excellent mouth feel and was delectable in every way. The asparagus were cooked on point and were buttered expertly. This dish is simplicity at it's best. It is also quite generous in portion size, two people could split this easily if you wanted something light and amazing.

Next was the Orange Beef. Think orange chicken, but beef… and more flavorful. The beef was extremely tender and was a delight to eat. The orange flavoring was apparent but not in your face. I like that it took a back seat to the beef and just added what it needed to be different. The glaze also had a slight kick on the back end of each bite. Once again, a very simple dish with outstanding quality and flavor profiles.

Third was the Szechwan Shrimp (Prawns). These very large prawns were meaty and very filling. The sauce was good with a little spice to it, I just wish it had a little more of a kick. I typically think of Szechwan anything to be a little more garlicky and spicy. Otherwise they were very tasty. I especially liked that they were served with large lettuce leaves so I could use those as a vessel to scoop the prawns up with. (Who doesn't love eating with their hands?!)

Fin- Orange BeefFin- Szechwan Shrimp

And finally, the Pièce de Résitance was the Lemon Sea Bass. This dish is probably the best sea bass I've ever had. This is also not on the menu yet, but coming soon. The bake on the fish was just downright elegant. Each bite was light and fluffy and the fish just melted in my mouth. It was also served with a house made lemon sauce that was outstanding to dip in. If you're like me and have had your ups and downs with sea bass, this is as up as you can get. The Lemon Sea Bass is a winner for sure!

Fin- Lemon Sea Bass

For dessert I had their Mango Pudding and the meal pallet cleanser of a Pistachio and Bailey's shot with a house made Fortune Cookie. Pudding is a stretch of a  word for this dessert. I would more categorize it as a flan. Think mango flan, got it? Amazing right? The chunks of mango atop the succulent mango pudding/custard/flan added a great texture profile and gave an overall fun experience for my tongue to handle. And even though it looks so, it is not overly sweet at all. I really enjoyed this dessert. 

The pallet cleanser was also very fun. The shot was yummy and the fortune cookie really felt and tasted special. After eating metric tons of factory made fortune cookies in my life, it was quite nice to have a hand made, one off cookie just for me! 

Fin- Mango PuddingFin- Shot and Fortune Cookie

Fin is an experience. The décor, the staff, the food. Everything was top notch. Fin filled me up and left me joyful, as every meal should leave thee. 

Rating out
of 10
7 Location

Tucked away in a corner of the Mirage, it's not hard to find, but you wouldn't know it was there if you kept to the casino floor's main path.

10 The Décor

Designed by the same fella who did Shibuya, Fin is beautiful and elegent in it's subtle designs.

8 The Prices

I've read quite a few reviews saying that Fin is overpriced. It's an upscale Chinese resteraunt inside of a casino. It's going to have a little bit of a premium on the price. The food is top notch and is worth paying for on top of the overall abiance and experience.

N/A The Drinks

I had one cocktail and it was stellar, see my Convivial Concoctions section for the review.

10 The Food

My meal was unforgettable. I'll be back for more to try new dishes and order again what I loved.

8.75 Overall

A Sin City Foodie favorite!

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