Ever watch a modern movie that takes place in Japan and you always notice a "Times Square" style area? Well, that's called the Shibuya District located in Tokyo, Japan. Shibuya the restaurant inside of the MGM Grand shares it's name and much if it's styling from said area. Shibuya is very modern looking with a lot of eye candy that draws your gaze everywhere you look. The front is sections of all glass pieces that layer each other and give a somewhat bamboo look as you peer through. My fiancé and I were fortunate enough to get a table right next to the glass and were able to people watch as we enjoyed our meal.

Shibuya offers Teppanyaki tables, sushi, and traditional Japanese delights. For our journey, we had some sushi and shared a entrée.

Yet, with any place that has it, I'm going to order it; We started with Edamame. The edamame here had some small details that made it better than most I've had. To start, every single pod was huge! It really seemed like they filter what they serve to makes sure no runts make it to the table. Secondly, there were a ton of them. This picture was taken after we'd gone through some so you could see the third impressive part; the woven basket. I really appreciate when restaurants go the extra mile to make something as simple as a bowl be outstanding and different. All of the beans were meaty and the salting was just right. The bar has been set for my edamame consuming future. 

Shibuya- Edamame

Sushi was next on the table with the Shibuya Roll and RYU (Dragon) Roll

Shibuya- Shibuya and Dragon Roll

The Shibuya Roll consisted of soft shell crab, jalapeño, spicy albacore, and ponzu scallions. This roll falls into a kind of comfort food category for me, it was warm, delicious, not too heavy, and savory. The overall flavor was slightly tangy and was countered well by the excellent crab. 

Shibuya- Shibuya Roll

The RYU (Dragon) Roll was packed with freshwater eel, cucumber, mango, and avocado. I picked this one because you don't typically see mango in sushi and I wanted to see if it works. In short, it does! This is a very well conceived roll. The roll was very rich and filling and the mango really hits a home run! The sauce was decadent and the avocado was fresh and makes itself apparent but not overpowering. And for the protein, the eel was tender and flavorful to round it all out. This is one of the best rolls I've ever had.  

Shibuya- RYU (Dragon) Roll

Now after our sushi there was a significant amount of time before our main order came out. We weren't pressed for time, so I didn't sweat it as we were enjoying people watching so much, but our waiter did know and to make it up to us he brought us both the Kimiko Miso Soup. As a lover of miso soup, I had no complaints about this gesture.

The soup had much more flavor than your usual miso varieties. It had a good body to it and the tofu chunks were large and soaked up the flavors very well. It was tangy on the back end and was very good overall. Also served very hot, but not too hot to begin enjoying immediately.

Shibuya- Kimiko Miso Soup

The Jidori Chicken was the main course we were waiting for and for the most part, twas worth the wait. This dish included organic chicken breast and thigh skewers, satsumaimo croquettes, shishito pepper, and a lemon teriyaki sauce. The chicken was a little over cooked, but not enough to ruin it. The glaze on the chicken was on point and had a nutty and sweet quality to it. The thighs were leaps and bounds better than the breasts. I don't know why, but they were much juicier and tender. The shishito peppers were grilled and looked nice, but really had no flavor to them. The absolute star of this show was the satsumaimo croquettes. When I first bit into one of these I had not idea what flavors my mouth was tasting but I knew I liked it! I had to ask the waiter what exactly they were, he told me they were a bread crumb crusted ginger yam whip, but after looking it up, they're actually a Japanese sweet potato1 And they are awesome! If there was an appetizer of just these, I'd order it in a heart beat! The flavor is so damn interesting!

Shibuya- Jidori Chicken

In all, we enjoyed our experience at Shibuya. We definitely will go back and try some of the more extravagant options soon enough. If you want good Japanese on the South Strip, look no further! Shibuya is the place for you!

Rating out
of 10
6 Location

Inside of the MGM Grand's restaurant row, it's not the easiest place to get to, but the people watching ability almost counter balances the walk and parking.

10 The Décor

The place is beautiful and keeps your eyes busy.

8 The Prices

Easily, you're looking at $50 a person at minimum. But the prices reflect the quality of ingredients properly.

N/A The Drinks

Their selection is quite amazing. They have an amazing varity of sake and Japanese beers. I did not have any on this trip

9 The Food

Everything we had was of top quality. Not one dish absolutely blew me away, but I'm sure they have others that will.

8.25 Overall

My meal makes we want to go back and try more. That's definitely a good thing.

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