Sushi Samba (At the Bar)

The best you've ever had. What image begins to form in your heard with such a sentence? A kiss? A night out? A car? I like to reminisce about bests all the time, and I do love when I can expand upon my lists. I can now update my sushi list with a recently experienced roll… 

I can rattle off all of the best meals I've ever had by price, genre, and location. What I can't do is expect when any meal will be trounced by a new champion. This particular evening I was pleasantly surprised by a roll called the Yamato.

The Yamato is a sushi roll that I believe was made for my pure entertainment. I love ordering ridiculous items off menus and when I see tuna, foie gras, ossetra caviar, and GOLD LEAF as ingredients for a roll, how do I not order that?! And to top it off, the bartender asks me if it's OK that the roll is only three bites… It has Gold on it! I don't care if it's one! 

For starters, it's just damn beautiful to behold. It's one of those plates that's such food porn, you don't want to touch it… but you do. You don't wan't to ruin its structure…but you must. The picture does not do this roll justice. The audaciousness of having Gold on your sushi does not translate to digital form. This is something to be witnessed in person. 

I picked up the first bite and placed it into my mouth like a gift being offered to an emperor; delicately and with full motivation to impress. The first taste was awe inspiring; rich, warm, smooth, and perfect. The flavors are so complex yet so simple. The sauce binds it and blows you away with its aroma and taste with absolutely no need for wasabi or soy sauce, this is perfection. Each layer presents its own texture and gusto to make this the best sushi I've ever tasted. I know there's some Japanese master out there making better sushi than this, but he's not in Las Vegas, he's not accessible, and he's not working seven days a week, but Sushi Samba is and does. The Yamato is now engraved in any of my "bests" conversations until proven otherwise.

I had the Pacific roll too, but who cares? It's better than most rolls and most sushi places in town, but it pales in comparison to the Yamato. Unfortunately for the Pacific roll, it's like driving a BMW M5 after driving a McLaren F1, sure it's nice, but it's not even in the same league.

Rating Description
out of 10
7 Location
It's a destination for sure. Sushi Samba is out of the way, yet a trendy out of the kind of out of the way.
8 The Décor
It's fun and fancy inside and out. The outer bar stools could use a once over though.
8 The Prices
For most items on the menu, the prices are actually pretty reasonable. The Yamato was $19… Go big or go home.
10 The Drinks
Amazing specialty cocktail selection with a full bar and Sake!
9 The Food
Just for ordering two sushi rolls at the bar, not bad. I will sit inside and give them a full course review in the future.
Even though it's a semi-chain joint, It's definitely a go to place on the Strip for great food and atmosphere.
(out of 10)

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