Teriyaki Boy "Healthy Grill"

Today I ventured into Teriyaki Boy kind of on a whim. I didn't bring a lunch to work and I've been curious to try this place. It is in a fairly new location; they replaced Bonzai Bob's that served essentially the same menu. 

The first thing I noticed when I walked in were the prices! The offerings, for the most part, are the same as any teriyaki bowl place, but $7-$9 for a rice or noodle bowl was not expected. I assume they're banking the premium prices on the "Healthy Grill" part, but if there's no MSG, salt, or frying oil, shouldn't the prices be lower? *shrugs shoulders* The usual suspects of rice or yaki soba noodles with chicken, veggie, and steak options are there with the nice addition of salmon and mahi mahi as well. They do have a good selection of sides like edemame and fried tofu also. The place was clean and simple. Chinese lanturns hanging from the ceiling and red walls for accent. The menu is large and ledgible. And they have the same TV on the wall from Bonzai Bob's just playing whatever.

I decided on the Mahi Mahi Yaki Soba Bowl despite it's $8.60 price just because in the back of my mind I was thinking of the $5 shake from Pulp Fiction; it's a regular menu item with a prestige on the price, it's gotta be amazing right?! Nope. I mean a total nope. Just look at the picture! Where are the noodles?! This "Large" (Only size option for Yaki Soba) was half filled with veggies, a quarter Mahi Mahi, and bearly a quarter of noodles underneath. The carrots, cucumber, broccoli, and cabbage were bearly steamed, and nowhere near cooked. The Mahi Mahi was probably the best part, it was cooked well and the teriyaki sauce they use isn't overbearing and salty like most. The fish was a little dry, but probably because it's frozen and not fresh. The noodles were subpar at best. They were cooked right, but there just wasn't enough. I expected much more noodle in my noodle bowl. For $8.60 I could go to Fresh & Easy and make 4 bowls like this with twice as much noodles and non-frozen fish.

Rating Description
out of 10
6 Location
It's a destination if you're not going to work out.
7 The Décor
Basic, but gets the job done.
3 The Prices
Prices are high for the offset portion sizes and ok flavors.
5 The Drinks
The boba tea option is the star. Otherwise it's just sodas.
4 The Food
Tastewise, it was nothing amazing. The portion size of the noodles was very lacking.
I've had better
(out of 10)

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