Yummy Sushi (Lake Mead Location)

To put an adjective in your name describing your food is hard thing to do. I immediately think that Yummy Sushi is going to have yummy sushi when I walk in. What I ended up finding was Yummy Sushi has yummy sushi with a not so yummy atmosphere.

My friend and I sat at the sushi bar inside of Yummy Sushi's "dining room". I say "dining room" because it's more of a hallway that happens to have tables and chairs in it than a true dining room. But I digress… We were hungry. Promptly after we sat down the sushi chefs presented us with their Cucumber Salad with Crab, of which, I was surprised to see crab on as most places just give you the veggie alone. The sauce used on this small starter really worked for me. The cucumbers were fresh, and the crab was excellent, but I really want more of that sauce! So far, a great way to start our meal.

Along with the cucumber salad came a mystery starter. I tried asking what it was, but no one there could give me an answer I could quite grasp. I'm thinking it was some sort of flat bread, but it could have been fried tofu. It really was a strange consistency…..but it was great! They gave us a few slices of it and I wish I had an entire bowl of it. I still don't know what this scallion and sesame seed covered delight was, but I hope someone will help fill me in eventually.

Even though we had two small plates already, it's hard to not order Edamame at a sushi joint for me. We ordered it, it came, we ate some, it was ok. Nowhere near mind blowing, but overall it was good. 

Now for the rolls! The first roll we had was the Ichiban. This was one good roll. The avocado was great on it with a perfect temperature and consistency and went well with the sweet lobster that was also cooked just right. The eel sauce held everything together nicely and the rice was sticky and fresh. I would definitely order the Ichiban again.

Next up to bat was the Spider Man Roll. Stunning to look at, pretty damn good to consume. The soft shell crab was amazing and the yellowtail was very tasty. The many sauces on the roll didn't really do much for it though. I would rather it have less sauce on it to allow the crab and yellowtail to really shine. But other than that, this was equally as yummy as the Ichiban.

The food is the winner in this place. The loser? The atmosphere. The sushi chefs had zero personality, the panels in the drop ceiling were warped and discolored, and there was no energy at all inside the restaurant as a whole. I knew we were inside of a strip mall, but it felt like we were eating inside a cave with people forced to make sushi all day. 

I'm torn. I do like the food that was given to me at Yummy Sushi, but the overall look and feel of the place is depressing. They could use a remodel, or pep talk, or something… good thing their sushi is actually yummy.

Rating Description
out of 10
6 Location
It's in a strip mall. But easy to get to for anyone in the NW side of town in the mood for sushi.
4 The Décor
Hideous on the inside, and shows signs of aging.
10 The Prices
I don't think I saw one roll over $10.
7 The Drinks
Typical Japanese beer offerings, some cocktails, sake, and I think I saw a sign for boba.
8 The Food
The food was solid. Nothing really took my breath away, but it's good enough to back.
If I'm in the area and wanting sushi, I'll go, otherwise, there's better out there.
(out of 10)

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