Zine Noodles Dim Sum

First, I'd like to thank Executive Director of Paiza Club Operations, Ken Wong, for his hospitality and providing me the opportunity to try what Zine Noodles Dim Sum has to offer.

Zine Noodles Dim Sum is hidden gem inside the Palazzo. Honestly, I've been to the Palazzo hundreds of times and didn't even know Zine was there! But I'm sure glad I know now. Zine Noodles Dim Sum has a very simple entrance on the Southwest side of the casino floor. They recently opened it up a bit so it's much more noticeable and definitely worth looking for.

The dishes that were served to us were completely chosen by the chef, so each one was a pleasant surprise. (The pictures may not represent the entire dish when ordered regularly, as we were given a "chef's tasting") 

We started off with a bang with the Peking Duck (Oven-Roasted Duck on the menu). This appetizer was prepared and carved table-side. The duck was caramely brown and looked like the skin was going to be very crispy and amazing. I was excited because I love duck in all forms. This one was served in the form of a Bao. Laughingly, I've only had Bao before from food trucks, so it was quite an experience to see the duck prepared at the table and assembled to perfection at an authentic Chinese restaurant with it. The duck skin was as crispy as I had hoped, the bao was über fresh and doughy, and the sauce inside won my stomach over. This is one solid offering and a great way to start a meal!

Neon green soup? Sure! Next up was the Spinach Seafood Soup. One of my favorites of all time is egg drop soup. This was like a kicked up version of that old classic. Served nice and hot; The crab was very good, the spinach flavors were subtle but tasty, and the shrimp was great. The color contrast between the crab and the soup was very eye catching as well. If you enjoy egg drop soups like I do, this is definitely not one to sleep on.

See a trend yet? These dishes not only tasted great, but looked good too! The Potstickers (Pan-Fried Chicken Potstickers on the menu) were arranged in a star and were begging to be devoured. I think I may have eaten all but one of these. The potstickers had a great outer crunch to them and an overall good mouth-feel. And the sauce provided to dip them in added to their savoriness and was slightly tangy and matched perfectly with the delicate potstickers.

The Baked Sea Bass (Baked Chilean Sea Bass on the menu) was a gorgeous plate to look at. The fish had such an beautiful char and glaze to them I almost didn't want to eat it….but I did. And it was phenomenal! The bass melted in my mouth and had a stellar texture to it. I took my time with each bite because it was so good. And the mushrooms that were hiding under the fish were great and very hearty with the fried tofu also being a star with an orangey, mushy taste and texture. Everything on this plate works together and is one of the best Sea Bass dishes I have ever had.

As if I wasn't already blown away by the sea bass, it was not to be out done by the Beef Tenderloin (Pepper Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Golden Garlic Flakes on the menu). These little cubes of goodness were perfectly medium rare with a great char and were extremely tender. They were very flavorful and I wanted more!

I love walnuts. I don't know if that's a typical thing for 'Mericans, but I pretty much love all nuts (Insert joke here). Walnuts that have been honey glazed and paired with prawns? Now we're talkin'! The Walnut Prawns (Honey-Glazed Walnut Prawns on the menu) were golden morsels of delight. The crunch of the walnuts with the contrast of the soft and lightly battered prawns made for a great combination with the honey glaze really tying everything together. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

The Seafood Fried Rice was a nice rendition of one of my favorites too. The egg whites were plentiful and the little bits of seafood added a great sweetness to help cut the savory fried rice. I liked how light it felt compared to many places heavy/greasy fried rice. A very good choice if you like fried rice.

Two is better than one. Fact. So we had two desserts. First was the Mochi which came in chocolate and strawberry flavorings. Unfortunately, the Mochi is outsourced and not made in-house and it was apparent. They were good, but they just weren't anything special.

Our second dessert was one I've never seen before, Sesame Seed Balls (Crispy-Fried Sesame Balls on the menu). These were served hot and had an outer layer of crunch and and inside vastness of soft dough of sorts. They were very interesting overall and kind of tasted like a Chinese iteration of churros… 

This meal was fantastic. I loved pretty much everything. The funny thing to me though, was that at Zine Noodles Dim Sum, we were not given noodles nor dim sum! I guess the chef wasn't feeling it that day, fine with me, gives me something to look forward to the next time I go!

Rating Description
out of 10
7 Location
It's always hard for me to score restaurants inside of hotels. If you're staying there, it's convieient. If you're a local, it's a destination and a lot of walking. So it depends…
9 The Décor
High ceilings, red overtone, beautiful booths and scenery, definitely eye pleasing.
9 The Prices
It's an eclectic menu, you could easily just share a few appitizers and stay at a reasonable cost. Or you could go crazy and get all kinds of decident meals. I like the ability to do that.
10 The Drinks
Fully stocked bar and an extensive wine list. Also, Lychee drinks, soy milk, and even fresh carrot juice!
10 The Food
The Mochi aside, everything had great flavors, textures, aromas, and looked beautiful. The abundance of quality is also a good thing.
If you're looking for off the charts authentic Chinese cuisine, you've found your promise land.
(out of 10)

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