Baguette Cafe

Tucked away in a business park on the South West side of town lies a very cool little spot called the Baguette Cafe. Off of a frontage road that most would just blow right by, the Baguette Cafe is a place that is worth finding and stopping in for a bite to eat. It has character, it has charm, and around lunch time, it definitely has a line. Baguette Cafe is unbeknownst by most Las Vegans, but for those that work in the surrounding office buildings, this is their little foodie secret that the valley needs in on.

The small and unassuming Baguette Cafe has a layout similar to Starbucks with a menu board behind the counter on the wall, delicious pastries and treats encapsulated in glass for you to drool over as you make your decisions, and a coffee barista station to the left of the cashier. The owner takes most everybody's order and is very energetic and friendly. He remembers people's names and what they typically order and recommends specials and other menu items for the newly initiated. It's nice to see passion of this kind behind the counter.

I was stopping in with a friend of mine, whom recommended we eat there for lunch. We ordered two sandwiches and split a half each to try both concoctions.

Up to bat first was the Prosciutto Sandwich. I was intrigued into ordering this sandwich because of the ingredients listed: prosciutto, salami, lettuce, sauce, cheese, and walnuts. Sound good? It was. The combination of the prosciutto and salami was very nice and both stood out while still delivering their common salinity in a nicely subtle fashion. The cheese was excellently melted and the accompanying sauce was quite nice. The best part of this sandwich? The walnuts. The slightly bitter flavor with the added crunch contrasted beautifully with the soft cured meats and their saltiness.  My only qualm with this sandwich was that the baguette was a touch on the tough side, but it was easily overlooked by the quality ingredients and flavors residing within.

Baguette Cafe- Prosciutto Sandwich

The Chipotle Sandwich was also an overall solid sandwich. The baguette on this one was toasted perfectly, was soft, and easy to bite through. The chicken was moist and tender and the thinly sliced bacon gave the sandwich a good crunch in the middle and excelled the flavors of the chipotle sauce. The sauce was good also and had a little kick of heat on the back end. This sandwich is on the "Specials" board, but I don't think it ever changes.

Baguette Cafe- Chipotle Sandwich

My trip to this randomly located sandwich joint was a great success. I'm dying to go back and try the eggplant sandwich and a few others I had my eye on. If you're in the South West side of town hankering for a quality bite to eat, you have to check out the Baguette Cafe.

Rating out
of 10
5 Location

Very easy to miss if you're not looking for it.

8 The Décor

A very chic, modern, minimalist design in the dining room.

9 The Prices

Very good prices for the quality of the food you get.

N/A The Drinks

I didn't have any drinks, but they have juices, organic stuff, coffee, and sodas.

9 The Food

Quality ingredients with a passion behind the crafting, all things I like in a joint like this.

7.75 Overall

If I'm in the area, I'll definitely stop by again. I hope more locations open up in the future!

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