Firehouse Subs (Lake Mead Location)

(After reading this review, please check out the amazing follow up here.)

I'm the type of person that thinks everything deserves a second chance. Sometimes first impressions aren't the best and a second look is warranted. That being said, this was my fourth attempt at enjoying Firehouse Subs…

I really want to like Firehouse Subs. I like their story and the Fire Station charities they support and the whole concept. Unfortunately, what I don't like, is the food at this location.

Many people I know have constantly told me I had to try Firehouse Subs and that their subs would blow my mind. So I tried them a few months ago and had the Hook & Ladder…massively disappointed. Lacking flavor, had bland bread, etc. So I figured I'd try again with a different sub. The second time I had the New York Steamer…overcooked brisket and pastrami with barely any mustard and mayo. Also served to me at room temperature. Well shit... How can so many people tell me this place is epic when they've struck out twice with me so far? Why not try it a third time you say?! Third visit, I had the Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket… meat was cooked ok this time, just had no flavor. The bread was still bland and the cheddar cheese was nowhere near melted. Fail.

So on to my fourth and final visit. Now that I have this website as a forum, I figured I go in and do an actual review. 

I did notice a change this time around, their fancy new soda fountain. I think it's called the Coca Cola Freestyle. It's a touch screen soda fountain with like 120 options of blending drinks and such. Including their "Famous Cherry Limeade". Like an idiot, I've tried to make their limeade 4 times now, and have failed each time. No matter how many limes I stuff into my cup it still tastes like grenadine and soda water. I wonder how many of those get poured out by people like me failing to understand what their idea of cherry limeade is. 

The sub I got this time was the Engineer. The Engineer is made up of smoked turkey breast, melted Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, mayo, mustard, onion, and tomato. To start, they advertise these subs as Hot, which typically means toasted, but every sub I've encountered of theirs has been in the warm category. It's hotter than cold, but not hot, and not really toasted either. They should be advertised as "Hotish" subs. The bread has never had any real flavor to it and I think that's a big miscue on their part, the bread plays an integral part of a sandwich, and when it's bland, everything inside it is exponentially more bland. Speaking of bland, I have no idea how you can get smoked turkey to not taste amazing, but they've achieved that feat. The .99¢ Buddig smoked turkey at the supermarket has more flavor. My mushrooms were undercooked as well. And as far as overall flavor goes, everything tastes the same. Each bite is so one dimensional. I even tried adding some of their numerous hot sauces to the sandwich to liven it up, but to no avail, it just tasted like hot sauce on a sandwich that was weaksauce.

The only thing I like in Firehouse Subs is their décor. For being a chain restaurant, they do have a nice layout and accoutrements: Fake brick interior walls, fire axes, firemen's helmets and more. But on this trip, my admiration of their look and feel was destroyed by having to hear the staff behind the counter talk about when they're going on breaks and lunches for 15 mins. When you have an open kitchen like that, you have to be mindful of the patrons that are clearly within earshot. And it didn't help that there was no music whatsoever, the only sounds other than the staff was background noise from some flat panel TVs.

Thusly, I bid adieu to Firehouse Subs. I will not be back, there's no reason for me to try again. I'll stick to Wich Which for my sub needs. 

Rating Description
out of 10
6 Location
This location is in a pretty busy shopping center and located right next to 4 other dining options. Parking is always a bitch there.
8 The Décor
Visually, there's some cool stuff going on in Firehouse Subs.
6 The Prices
Around $8.50 for a sub, chips, and a drink. If the food was good, it might actually be worth it.
10 The Drinks
How do you beat 120 drink options? If you ignore the horendous limeade, the choices are staggering.
1 The Food
0 out of 4 times I had a good sub here. Such a shame.
I think the popularity of Subway, Port of Subs, and Firehouse Subs goes to show that Americans really could care less about quality ingredients and flavors in their subs.
(out of 10)

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