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Juice 'N' Go is located off of Oakey and Rainbow in a "shack" that used to be a drive through coffee hut. Conceptually, you drive up to the menu board, order, drive to the window, pay, receive items, and you're off… That was not the case in my trip. It was more like Juice 'N' Wait. 

I drove up to the menu board and was greeted by someone on the speaker saying they'd "take my order in a second.". Five seconds later a body appeared next to my window and startled me because I was just talking to a speaker and now I had a human with a note pad at my car. I was confused. Obviously the speaker works and they heard me, why is there a person here? Oh well. I took a look a the a la carte menu and took a stab at creating a good smoothie and roast beef wrap. It was puzzling why there were no preset sandwiches, wraps, or smoothies/juices. I could throw random items in a wrap or smoothie at home; The reason I go elsewhere to eat is to have someone else's expertise offer me professionally composed dishes! Anyways, I gave my order to the kid with the notepad and he told me to pull up to the window to pay. I thusly paid and waited for a minute or so for my order. The window opened and a different person told me to pull around and park in a space and my order would be out shortly. Reluctantly, I parked and waited. (Luckily, to kill time, I watched the live PS4 Announcement Event on my phone.) After about 10 minutes, the first kid came to my car and handed me my wrap and smoothie. He asked me to take a taste of the smoothie to see if it was OK, or if they needed to remake it. In my head I said, "Son, it took you 15 total minutes to get me this, I am not waiting again." I told him it was fine and finally got my Juice to Go. 

Obviously, the entire concept of this place is in shambles. Zero things went right for them on the 'N' Go part. If it was a walk up joint on a beach everything would have been fine. But when it's a drive through with three cars in the bay… not so much.

To the food! The wrap I ended up with was a Roast Beef Wrap. I got it with a spinach wrap, roast beef, and ranch. I figured it was hard to go wrong with that combination. I wasn't wrong on the ingredients, the execution is what was awry. There was nothing special about this wrap. The beef was seasoned well, the rest was fresh, I just seemed like it was thrown together and then loosely wrapped and sent off. I feel like I should never eat something while I'm out and think that I could make it better at home. Not only could I make a better wrap, it would also cost me a fraction of the price; $7 for a wrap made in a shack is a little up there for me. 

Juice N Go- Roast Beef Wrap

I won't even start on my smoothie. Let's just say, there's a reason Jamba Juice and Tropical Smoothie are gigantic chains and Juice 'N' Go is in an old coffee hut.

 I admire their organic ways and passion for fresh ingredients, they just need to get their shit together on the quality of experience, presentation, and collective idea behind "fast, fresh, food".

Rating out
of 10
3 Location

It's easy to miss and a destination, both not good.

8 The Décor

The shack is wrapped in bright colors and fruit decals.

4 The Prices

If the experience and food were good the prices would be ok, otherwise it's all overpriced.

5 The Drinks

The selection is great. The fact that you have to make the juice concoctions isn't. 41 different ingredients to put in a smoothie or juice is a little much.

6 The Food

The ingredients had quality, the execution and flavors did not. There's nothing there to wow you.

5.2 Overall

Unless they change a lot, I'm sure this place will be gone when they're lease is up.

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