Food from the countries of the Mediterranean.

Yassou Greek Grill

Yassou Cafe- Sign

I’ve always heard good things about Yassou and have always wanted to try it. My experience was a tad lackluster but at least the food was good. 

Yassou is set up cafe style with a huge menu board and a single register. White with blue accents cover the walls and there are pictures of Greece strewn about. The place had a good feel to it as we walked in…until the staff began to sweep and mop around us. Typical if we were there around closing time, but it was the middle of the day; Quite strange to me. Aside from that, we ordered and then sat inside their “covered patio” that you have to go outside to go back into. This room was directly adjacent to the street and had a horrendous sound of wind whooshing by it. It wasn’t windy outside, but it sure sounded like it!

My meal of the day was their Gyro & Spanakopita Plate. $10 for a single plate for lunch seemed a little high when I ordered, but it did come with a decent amount of food and small salad as well, so it actually seemed like a good deal. There were many components to my dish, so I’ll give you a tour. The rice pilaf was very good. It was cooked just right and was very tasty. I could eat a plate of just that anytime! The salad was boring, nothing special, just raw veggies with some feta cheese. It seemed like plate filler. The gyro meat was juicy and good, but could’ve been served a little hotter. The pita bread made up for it though, it was warm and soft and made it fun constructing my own gyro bites. The spanakopita was the star of the show. The pastry was light, flakey, and had just enough to it to shine but not overpower. The spinach filling was hot, creamy, and was a good contrast to the flakey wrapper hugging it inside. It was definitely filling and delicious. If I ignore the salad, this is a superb plate.

Yassou Cafe- Gyro & Spanakopita

A friend of mine ordered the Chicken Special which pretty much consisted of everything on my plate just with chicken skewers instead of the gyro and spanakopita. The chicken was quite good. It had a good char on it and was tender and full of flavor. I feel like both of these plates could have done without the salad and instead have just added more meat or rice.

Yassou Cafe- Chicken Special

All in all, the food was good and the prices justified. The restaurant itself leaves some wanting in the comfort and feel department, but it is just a small cafe with good food, so it will be busy regardless. 

Rating out
of 10
9 Location

Easy to find right off Charleston. It is a destination though.

6 The Décor

It just feels very cold and unlively. Also, they REALLY want you to buy a smoothie.

9 The Prices

Portion sizes are good and are priced on point.

N/A The Drinks

Sodas and whatnot, no alcohol.

8 The Food

Aside from some minor missteps, the food is overall pretty good.

8 Overall

If I'm in the area, I'll definitely stop by again and try something else.

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