Blue Ribbon @ Brooklyn Bowl

I was very excited to enjoy a good time at Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq this past weekend as I went as part of a VIP event and did get to bowl and watch The Legendary Roots Crew kill it on stage, but…. you know why I was really there... the Food!!!

I’ve heard about the legendary Fried Chicken at Blue Ribbon inside of Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn so I was more than thrilled to finally get a chance to try some without a 3,000 mile plane ticket attached! 

Now, there are different areas to dine in at Brooklyn Bowl because the place is absolutely gigantic. Three dining areas, two bowling alleys, a stage, pit area, dance floor, a few bars, and VIP section make up the joint as far as I could roam about. For dining, there is an inside area by itself, an area directly next to one of the bars, and an outside patio area. We sat at the patio that overlooks The Linq’s main walkway.

As recommended by our waitress, we started with the Rock and Roll Fries. I was intrigued by these fries because they just looked crazy enough to work on paper: gravy, Cajun spice, provolone and cheddar cheese. Who wouldn’t want that in their food hole?! The fries arrived on a fairly large plate with a fairly large portion to match. These are definitely fries to share, but you won’t want to! These fries are the perfect amount of cheesy, crispy, flavorful, and messy that you’d want in a fun dish like this. I really enjoyed that all the ingredients were perfectly balanced and no one flavor overrode another, they all shined with each bite and you just can’t stop eating them! There are many other enticing appetizers on the menu, but I am very happy we went with these to start our meal.

Brooklyn Bowl- Rock and Roll Fries

For our main course I obviously had to try the Fried Chicken. I’m a “go big or go home” kind of Foodie, so we went with the 12 Piece Mixed option to get the most out of our meal. But, to be frank, I may have overshot it a little, because the 12 piece order could feed a family of 5… Either way, I attacked our mountain of chicken immediately. The chicken was served piping hot, which I like, because then you have time to enjoy each piece without having cold chicken in the end. The outside crust of the chicken is the best kind of crunchy you could have on something fried; Each bite had crunch and it was a gratifying venture for my senses. The chicken definitely looks spicier than it really is, but does have a hint of kick to it, and the flavors are nicely complex yet subtle in how they impact your taste buds. This is some fried chicken that is hard to put down! So, I had a few pieces and took the other 82lbs to go. Was it as good as I was expecting? Perhaps a little better actually, I’m looking forward to going back and trying their wings and other entrées to see if their up to par with their signature favorite Fried Chicken.

Brooklyn Bowl- Fried Chicken

On the side we order their Collard Greens with Bacon, because bacon. I’m a huge fan of collard greens, I’m a huge fan of bacon, slap them together and you have a damn good side dish. The best part of these greens was that they weren’t greasy like some and the bacon had more of a cameo than a starring role and I think that’s the right combination for this type of collaboration. This greens are absolutely on point!

Brooklyn Bowl- Collard Greens

As a whole, Brooklyn Bowl left a good taste in my mouth, literally and figuratively. The environment is fun, there’s nothing like it in Las Vegas, and the food is damn impressive. I’m glad to see The Linq is bringing this kind of quality and uniqueness to the Strip, as a local, it is much appreciated.

Rating out
of 10
10 Location

I rarely give a 10 for location, but it just is perfect. It's on the Strip but not "on the Strip", it has a lot going on around it, it's unassuming from the outside, and it has the world's largest sky wheel a couple hundred feet away!

9 The Décor

The walls are mostly brick, when indoors you feel somewhere else, and the patio is done well to represent NY to the fullest.

8 The Prices

The prices were actually better than I had anticipated. The quality of the food holds up the prices just fine.

7 The Drinks

With a fully stocked bar, sky's pretty much the limit, but I didn't see any real specialty cocktails.

10 The Food

Everything was great. I can't stop talking about the food.

8.8 Overall

A Sin City Foodie favorite!

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