Honey Salt

Honey Salt- Napkin

Within the realm of Boca Park in Summerlin, Honey Salt shines as a beacon of originality whilst being surrounded by chain restaurants that have, over time, turned drab and predictable. Located on the North West section of the shopping Mecca, Honey Salt sits in the corner with a small entrance and a big heart. 

When approaching Honey Salt you immediately feel welcomed by their beautifully simple, detached patio. A wooden fence houses tables and chairs with a string of lights overhead illuminating the quaint area. A very warm feeling arises as you walk inside and see what else Honey Salt has to offer. 

Honey Salt- Patio

Although the entrance is no larger than a normal retail store, the interior space is quite open and large; Housing a full bar to the immediate left, and two sections of dining rooms to the left and right. The tables and chairs all have character to them and seem repurposed, the enormous white brick wall with the words “Honey Salt” scribed across it is subtle yet impressive at the same time, and both sides of the room have cushioned bench seating that rides along each wall that nicely frames the busy dining room.

After we were sat, we began our fast and furious meal with plates coming at us from every angle. We choose to dine “tasting menu” style and shared each plate between the two of us. 

Honey Salt- Table Bread

To start, the Table Bread. Now I know it seems mundane to mention table bread in a review, but I think it’s worth noting and also a big insight into each restaurant’s soul, because what you serve first sets the tone for the rest of your meal; And Honey Salt did not disappoint with their offering. The flat bread was nice and crisp with a slight kick of spice to it with a cheesy vibe overall. I helped myself to several blades of these. The other bread was decently sweet and was a perfect match for the black salted, honey butter that came along for the ride. The richness of the honey and butter was met with the salt well and blended with the slightly sweet bread. I believe we went through two servings of the table bread altogether, it was that good!

Honey Salt- Oyster

To begin the actual meal portion we were met with a palate starter. I’m not 100% I caught the name properly, but I believe it was called their French Kissed Oyster. The oyster was served on a bed of crushed ice and was of a decent size. The shooter was peppery, tangy, and had a nice touch of acidic zest to it. A great way to kick off this meal!

Tomatoes, cheese, and chocolate… Not your typical combination. But this is not your typical salad! The Burrata & Heirloom Tomatoes salad (Kim Style with Shaved Bittersweet Chocolate) is out of control. This salad has so much going on that your tongue doesn’t know where to start celebrating. First, all of the vegetables are super fresh and the tomatoes may be the best I’ve ever had in a restaurant. The burrata cheese that occupied the center was soft and fluffy and just had the perfect consistency to mesh with its surroundings. And the chocolate! Chocolate in a salad?! The bittersweet chocolate rounded out the savory plate in ways your brain can’t comprehend. The entire dish sounds ludicrous, yet it works so well. This is one the best composed dishes I’ve ever had.

Honey Salt- Burrta and Heirloom Tomatoes1
Honey Salt- Grain Power1

The “Grain Power” salad is a perfect example of “Farm to Table” ingredients. Each layer of this salad stands out on its own and really feels like it just came from an organic farm. The quinoa was the real powerhouse of this dish and held it all together nicely.

From the sea, the next dish was the Charred Octopus. I’m very fond of having octopi in my meals, and this one was no exception. The char was perfect and the cook was on point allowing the octopus to have a solid consistency but still be buttery soft. The avocado was a nice addition and the purée was savory with a hint of sweetness that rounded everything out perfectly. And although it looks like the contrary, this is really a very light dish.

Honey Salt- Charred Octopus
Honey Salt- Beef Short Rib

For the entrées, we started with the Braised Beef Short Rib. This short rib was very tender, had a good fattiness to it, and was lightly seasoned allowing the beef to really shine. The bed of polenta it sat on was also nice, but the sauce was the star of the show. It really brought everything together and had a beefy overtone that helped add depth to the simple short rib. I could have done without the shaved carrot salad though, it seemed a little superfluous to me.

Diving back into the sea we had their Mediterranean Sea Bass. I think my fiancée’s exact words were “This is the best piece of fish I’ve ever had.” That statement is pretty warranted. For such a simple dish, this really was a show stopper. The crust on the sea bass was absolutely perfect and the overall cook was as good as it gets. The seasoning was outstanding and the ratatouille underneath breathed some fun into an already amazing sea bass dish. This had the exact amount of saltiness you’d want from such a fish and it was so good we took our time finishing it because we didn’t want it to end!

Honey Salt- Sea Bass

As accompaniment to our entrées, we also had the Caramelized Sea Scallops. The usual menu version comes with more than one scallop, but the one scallop we had was phenomenal! Sitting in a vanilla bean cauliflower purée, this massive scallop was not only seared amazingly, it blended beautifully with the purée and truffle sauce surrounding it. And the charred cauliflower that came with it was almost just as delicious! I’d order a side of those by themselves they were so good!

Honey Salt- Sea Scallops1

Full yet? We still have three desserts to go! 

The aroma of the first dessert was ever so pleasing to my senses. The Warm Bread Pudding was the definition of comfort food. It was light, yet dense. Aromatic and flavorful. Each bite was like a thick cloud of goodness. The flavors were fun and inviting. This is how bread pudding should always be.

Honey Salt- Warm Bread Pudding1

The next dessert was two pairs of desserts that I don’t really know what they were other than delicious. I don’t see them on the menu, and I didn’t catch the names when they brought them out because it’s a little confusing when you get three desserts placed at your table at the same time! We’ll go with Lava Cake and Coconut Brittle Bite, sound good? Ok. The lava cakes were much lighter than they looked and the sprinkling of salt atop each was a smart addition. The chocolate was not overpowering and the salt cut the sweetness nicely. The coconut brittle bites were like dessert granola bars. I know that doesn’t sound appetizing but they were delicious. They had caramelized brittle with coconut flakes and chocolate drizzling on top. They were crunchy and different, but I liked them as well.

Honey Salt- Lava Cakes

And now a seasonal piece to close out our evening, Honey Salt’s Pumpkin Cheesecake. Now this ain’t your grandma’s cheesecake. This bad boy is baked in a water bath. That changes everything you know about cheesecake or pumpkin pie. This was like a whipped pumpkin pie in a jar. The consistency was crazy light and each bite was just heaven. The crumble and ice cream on top added a perfect complexity to an already eyebrow raising dessert. I know they only do this seasonally, but if you can, order this dessert! 

Honey Salt- Pumpkin Cheesecake1

I’ve heard nothing but good things before going to Honey Salt and I can now be one of those fans touting their quality. The prices may be a tad high for some, but the quality is worth it and the creativity is just the cherry on top. If you’re looking for a place that defines “Farm to Table” cuisine, then Honey Salt needs to be your next stop as soon as possible!

Rating out
of 10
7 Location

Decently easy to get to, but can be hidden if you're not familiar with Boca Park.

10 The Décor

Subtleties abound, everything is well thought out and placed.

8 The Prices

Menu item prices may deter some, but the food and experience is well worth it.

N/A The Drinks

I know they have an eclectic cocktail menu, but we didn't try anything on this trip.

10 The Food

One of the best meals I've had, hands down.

8.75 Overall

A Sin City Foodie favorite!

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