Ranch House Kitchen (Closed)

Let's start here: Ranch House Kitchen is not to be confused with Bob Taylor's Ranch House. Now that that's out of the way…

During a recent bar hop adventure in Town Square, a few friends and I got hungry and ventured into the Ranch House Kitchen to grab some grub. Ranch House Kitchen is in the location formally filled by the Cadillac Grill. "What did they change?" you may ask… Not much, it looks almost exactly the same, but the menu is different.

It was late night, so we sat at the bar and ordered. The bartender didn't seem too enthused to do anything food related. He took our drink orders fast and made our drinks fast, but once we wanted food he took forever to get back to us to take our order, but I'll get back to that a little later. 

We ordered the Texas Brisket Pizza and Loaded Mac & Cheese. After waiting a significant amount of time, our food finally came. The Texas Brisket Pizza looked fantastic when presented and had a good contrast of colors. The pizza consists of BBQ sauce, brisket, jalepeños, onions, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese. The cheeses work wonderfully with each other and really were the stars of this pie. The brisket was good but really took a back seat to the cheeses and BBQ sauce. The Jalepeños were good, but really just added heat with no real flavor. They almost ruin the pizza, their taste did not blend well with the rest of the ingredients and felt out of place. So, the pizza was pretty good if I forget about the peppers. 

The Loaded Mac & Cheese was a pretty dish as well but it didn't deliver so much on the taste side of things. The Loaded Mac & Cheese is made with grilled chicken, fresh broccoli, diced tomatoes, and apple wood smoked bacon. The bacon is the standout in this meal, the cheese is definitely the loser. The cheese just didn't scream cheesy and creamy. It was like a failed attempt at a forgotten recipe. The broccoli added a good crunch and flavors but other than that and the bacon, there's not much here to love. For $14 I'd expect this mac & cheese to blow my socks off, yet my shoes and socks stayed fully in place during consumption. "Loaded" should stand for loaded with flavor and quality ingredients. In this case, "Loaded" means "We don't know how to make a simple mac & cheese so we threw a bunch of shit in here and hoped it you didn't notice."

So, a decent pizza and a mediocre mac & cheese later, I was half finished with the pizza and we were completely done with the mac & cheese and our plates sat there for 30 minutes until the bartender even asked us if we wanted a "to go" box. That's just unacceptable. Especially for a place that very recently took over a restaurant that didn't cut it. That's a tough and large location to fill seats every day, with overall mediocre food and service, I don't see the Ranch House Kitchen lasting past the year.

Rating Description
out of 10
6 Location
Depends how you look at it; if you're already in Town Square or going to a movie, perfect location. If you're in the mood for some 'Merican Fare, it's a destination and a half.
5 The Décor
They really didn't even try to make it look different than Cadillac Ranch.
7 The Prices
A little high by normal restaurant standards, but on par with Town Square eateries.
5 The Drinks
The selection is definitely better downstairs at Yard House. And the drink I did have, wasn't that great.
7 The Food
The pizza without the peppers would have been great, but their consistency between dishes is apparently not there.
I wouldn't make the attempt to go again unless it was for an event or I was invited.
(out of 10)


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